WebMD, an online resource for those who want to stay healthy

WebMD has put together an organization that it believes will fulfill the responsibility of sharing useful health information on the net. The team at WebMD provides credible information to support communities that need it. The website offers in-depth reference materials on health related topics that matter to the reader. It is the source for original and latest health information and it provides materials from well known and trusted content creators.

The staff at WebMD are award-winning experts that blend their knowledge with professionalism to create the content that will serve communities and at the same time give room for other well known figures to share their commentaries, medical reviews and that give the user different ways to understand the information he is looking for.

To create the type of quality articles on its website, WebMD understands that it needs full-time staff professionals who are experts in public health news, Medical imagery and related graphics, creating and keeping up-to-date medical related databases, working with interacting tools and live web events etc.

The health site has a board made of certified physicians, award-winning journalists and community moderators properly trained and willing to dedicate their time into sharing daily information that will raise the readers’ awareness when it comes to health. The staff providing content on the site includes people with advanced degrees in health communications, medical illustration, journalism, nursing, clinical informatics and medicine. The staff’s qualifications are verified by a board at WebMD to make sure that the acclaimed experts, editorial and health professionals are really specialized in their fields.

Most of the people working on the website have spent a good portion of their lives and careers dedicated to helping people have access to the right medical information and get the support and services they need long before the net came to be. They are willing to provide quality health news and make sure that the integrity of the editorial process in preserved.

The team at WebMD is not only very serious about the credibility of its content but also wants it to be as engaging and exciting as possible to keep their visitors interested. The writing community prides itself in knowing the needs of the audience and making sure they go through a rich online experience. They know the difference between reading a site for health “performance” issues vs reading the same site for finding information for research. Their mission is to fulfill all these needs in the best way possible.

The staff at WebMD is committed to improve on the website continuously. They continue to publish more content to communities and let them know about services that can make their lives better. The type of content that will help readers make the right decision when faced with healthcare issues for them to feel better about their own health and the one of their family.

The health website understands that you are not alone looking for health information and that is why it has created online communities so that individuals looking to interact on the same issues have access to a platform that allows for that.


Editorial selection
WebMD has 3 key criteria based on which it creates original content and they are relevance, trends and clinical significance.

  • Relevance

There are issues that have direct implications on the lives of families and friends. Those issues include news on drugs that were just released into the market, those that were recalled and advices from experts on how to manage diseases and certain conditions.

  • Trends

Certain topics are seasonal. That includes public awareness during the cold, flu and allergy season. Special days like AIDS awareness day are also acknowledged and a lot of useful information about those topics are shared on that day.

The latest in nutrition, fitness and healthy living is also given in addition to different alternative approaches to health.

  • Clinical significance

Medical research is an ongoing process. Any time there is any important discovery published in a peer reviewed recognized journals such as Diabetic Care, The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine, Pediatrics, Circulation and The Journal of the American Medical Association that research would usually end up on the site.

Health news is a medium that is often accused of publishing information that is out of date and inaccurate. WebMD makes sure to cross checks the information it shares to avoid this embarrassing situation. Its news is credible from authoritative sources but at the same time written in an English that the average person can understand.

The responsibility of the journalists working on the website is to make a clear distinction between news, reference and features so that readers can easily distinguish and separate promotional information from the independently written ones.

Community overview
It is really valuable to be able to share and learn from other people who deal with the same health problems that we go through. The community members at WebMD have told the staff that their experience on the site has enabled them to better cope, manage and deal with the health problem in a way that they wouldn’t have been able to if they tried it alone.

The WebMD Health Community is where members of the website gathers. That section of the website gives a chance for readers to get to know other individuals’ opinion about a certain health topic but also ask questions and get responses from experts in the field.

There is also a newsletter to address critical health issues that concern the user and his well-being. Do not hesitate to sign up to get up-to-date with the latest medical discoveries and information that will help you improve on your health. You will be notified about interactive tools to assess your health and other useful tips that the experts are willing to share which will give you better control over your health. In addition those who subscribe to the newsletter receive news alert offering up-to-the-minute bulletin that users can personalize to the information that matters to them.

WebMD has always championed the development of the community. Its members have published book, shared poems and developed lifelong friendships. You should be able to meet new valuable friends in the community.