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There are billions of sites on health and it always pleases us when you consult HealthyNewAge because we know how
many choices you have, so thank you.

Since health discoveries are made every week it seems, we continually find new, valuable health information. As
a result, we update our site on almost daily basis. So check back often and refresh your browser so that you are
seeing the most current version.

The goal of HealthyNewAge is to provide reliable holistic health and alternative information as well as health solutions
that are natural, safe and effective. Many of the products we have tried, others we value the science and history
behind them. However, no one supplement helps everyone.

Individual body chemistry, metabolism, lifestyle and the complex combination of health challenges that some people
have make it just as impossible to suggest a “One size fits all” holistic health regimen as it is for a
doctor to suggest one prescription drug for everyone. Experimentation and exploration are essential to learning how
to work with alternative health options.

Remember that making the decision to Self-Treat entails personal responsibility. It’s easier for some to allow a
doctor to experiment with different combinations of prescription drugs, to find a balance or relief of symptoms.

It’s much more challenging if you decide to take your health into your own hands because you must be willing to
closely monitor your body and make decisions based on the feedback coming from your body, moment to moment. With
a doctor, you have to see them again before you can tell if a symptom indicates stopping or changing medication.
You may even sense that something is wrong but you cannot change your own prescription. The doctor has to do that.

The doctor literally has your life in his or her hands, so make sure you choose your healthcare professionals carefully.
Self-Treating forces you to pay closer attention to your body and the effects of anything you choose to put into
it. I consider this a good thing. Each person must make their own decision. Anyone under the care of a doctor should
definitely check with their chosen healthcare provider because a lot of prescription drugs, particularly the newer
ones, interact with certain foods, herbs, or even vitamins.

Here you can read our my top suggestions for your own exploration. These are all products that I use and have derived
strong personal benefit from using. I hope that you find them of value.

Most Popular Holistic Health Products

Healing Oil Blends – This is one of the most popular product lines on our entire site
and it has been that way from the very beginning, four or five years ago.

Essential oils can pass the blood/brain barrier which makes them fast-working and amazingly effective. Some favorites
to address specific conditions are tea tree oil, peppermint oil and oregano oil.

More Info on Healing Oil Blends.

Homeopathics – We actually have two companies that offer superior homeopathic and herbal
blends. They are both very popular but the first one a bit more than the second.

Native Remedies – Great research and development on these products. Tremendously popular.
Their urinary tract infection formula is consistently ordered, almost daily and many of the other products are equally
popular to our visitors.

More Info on Native Remedies

Vaxa Neutraceuticals – Not quite as popular as Native Remedies but consistently used by
our visitors. Vaxa has high standards for their manufacturing too, and they offer several specific formulas we haven’t
found elsewhere. We have used their Buffer ph and it worked exceedingly well to balance ph levels, but it does contains
sorbitol for those who are sensitive to it. We can say the Buffer ph can provide balance within a very short period
of time.

More Info on Vaxa Products

Our Top Holistic Health Picks

Zenbiotics – One Customer’s Story: The Only skin cleansing regimen I use. I have had sensitive
skin my entire life. I’ve never been able to wear makeup, even expensive makeup, for more than a day without breaking
out. I’ve spent most of my life washing my face with water alone, since almost every soap or cleanser I tried broke
me out. I got by with this when I was younger but as my skin has become more mature, it has needed more care. I searched
and spent hundreds on various hypoallergenic cleansers.

None of them worked for me, even the natural ones. I feature several natural skin care lines here that work incredibly
well for most but for me, they did not work. So, I was at an expo in Los Angeles where I met Robert, the Co-Creator
of a spectacularly healthy skin care line called Zen Biotic. It is not cheap so I was hesitant to buy it until I
took a closer look at Robert’s skin.

It’s unusual to see a man with skin like a baby but he had it. I asked him and Terry, his business partner at the
time, if they used the products. Of course, they said. I could tell. They let me smell of the products and put some
on my skin. The only way I can describe it is that it felt like my skin was being fed. Literally. It felt like my
skin cells were gobbling up the product. And it smelled so fresh. So I ordered the whole foundation starter kit and
I’ve been using it ever since.

More Information on Zen Biotics

Blessed Herbs – We love this company and their products. We’ve used both their colon cleanse
and their internal cleanse kit and the potency of both was just incredible. We recognize plants that have been harvested
at peak and handled with spiritual respect. Martha does both and it shows in the products.

Learn More About Blessed Herbs

This page is just beginning. I use a lot of programs and products that I can personally endorse with confidence
and I’ll be adding more of those here in days to come, so please bookmark this page and check back.

Holistic Health Tip: A nice cup of ginger tea can calm indigestion or an upset stomach.
Also, I keep fruit juice sweetened ginger around as a healthy after-dinner snack. Scientific studies have shown
that ginger tea can also be helpful for motion sickness. Its an amazing herbal root.