Beautiful Brass and Stone Water Small and Large Indoor Water Fountains

Beautiful, Soothing Indoor and Tabletop Water Fountains

In Feng Shui interior water fountains add the element of water, as they move energy and ground the water element.

When the elements or water, earth, fire, metal, and air flow in harmony it invites balance. When these various
energies conflict it can create imbalances in our life.

Through a feng shui consultant you can determine how you can enhance your environment with soothing a water
fountain, indoor enhancement can help balance your home, and outdoor fountains can enhance your yard.

Check out these options:

Table Top Water Fountain Spinning Wheel 8"x 8"x 6" Tabletop
Water Fountain Spinning Wheel

The rock formation on this interesting fountain supports a bamboo spout used to deliver water to an overflowing
table which spins the water onto the rock ledge below. The crystal clear sound of water trickling down from
the spout and over the rocks brings a sense of peace and tranquility. The base is a black/gray resin which
will not leak or seep and which compliments the rugged features of the rocks.

Table Top Water Fountain-Brown Stone - 10"x8"x11" Tabletop
Water Fountain – Brown Stone

Brown Stone Fisherman Fountain in 10″ Brown Ceramic Container. This quality handmade one-of-a-kind fisherman
fountain is simple yet elegant. Each decorative rock is hand-cut to shape and size and is permanently mounted
to a slate base to recreate the spirit and beauty of mountains and water. The bowl is a handsome 10″ brown
glazed oval ceramic container which will not leak or seep. The re-circulating pump which is UL approved can
be easily adjusted depending on what you are fishing for! Includes; Ceramic bowl, pump, stones, rocks, slate,
artificial plant decorations, 3″ oriental glazed clay fisherman with fishing pole, line and ceramic
fish. Assembly not required, just add water, plug it in and watch the fish start jumping. 10″x8″x11″,
10 lbs. Shipped UPS 2—3 days – $11.95.

Table Top Water Fountain Oriental Garden 9"x7"x8" Table
Top Water Fountain Oriental Garden

Enjoy the ambience of this delightful miniaturized oriental garden right in your own home, office, or wherever
you would like to promote a calm, serene atmosphere. Watch as water is pumped into the open end of the bamboo
spout causing it to overbalance and tip the water out into the overflowing pot below. The addition of life-like
foliage, a lighted glass bowl sitting atop a wooden tripod, polished stones for you to place, and a miniaturized
bamboo fence as a backdrop, make this fountain unique. The resin base, which will not leak or seep, comes
in a rich warm, wood tone and measures 9″x7″x8″. Submersible, long-lasting, UL approved, totally
quiet, mini re-circulating pump is included. No assembly required simply add water and plug it in. 9″x7″x8″ 8
lbs. Shipped via UPS ground – $10.95. Depending upon city and state, allow up to 6 business days for delivery.

Also find a fabulous collection of interior wall mounted fountains, garden fountains, and even large indoor
water fountains!

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Aquasana Water Enhancement – It will Change The Way You Live

With the realization that more chemicals enter our body through skin absorption and inhalation of steam while
showering than does from drinking water, the benefits of shower filtration have become very obvious. The
Aquasana Shower Deluxe Filtration System is one of the most unique and beneficial products ever developed.

A recent report in the American Journal of Public Health linked chlorine to significant increases in certain
types of cancer and stated that ” up to 2/3s of the harmful exposure was due to skin absorption and
inhalation while showering.”

A warm shower opens the pores of the skin and allows a high rate of absorption of chlorine and other chemicals.
The steam we inhale while showering can contain up to 20 times the level of chlorine and other synthetic
chemicals than tap water due to the fact that these chemicals vaporizes at a lower temperature and at a much
faster rate than water. Inhalation of chlorine and chemical vapors is known to be a strong irritant to the
tissues in our lungs and a suspected cause of asthma and bronchitis. When chemicals are inhaled into our
lungs they enter directly into our bloodstream and can have magnified effects versus ingested chemicals which
are partially filtered by our liver and kidneys.

Other than the obvious health benefits of showering in chemical free water, the cosmetic benefits are even
more noticeable. Anyone who has ever gone swimming in a chlorinated pool can relate to the harsh drying effect
that chlorine has on your skin and hair. Without the effects of chlorine and other chemicals found in tap
water, your skin and hair retain moisture more effectively for a younger healthier look and feel.

The Aquasana shower filter is a patented, uniquely designed two stage system that removes chlorine and other
chemicals for a healthier and more enjoyable shower experience. This high capacity filter is easy to install
and is an attractive and beneficial addition to any shower.

It’s like showering in natural spring water. Once you experience it you’ll never go back.

Also from Aquasana – Deluxe Drinking Water Filtration System: Restores water to a refreshingly healthy state
for only 9 cents a gallon.

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