7 Types of Back Pain – Could a Walk in the Park Alleviate Your Symptoms?

Back pain can flare up when we least expect it.

Health writer Carol Bardelli provides a review and summary of a popular natural pain relief book that won the 2008 American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year award for first place in the “consumer health” category.

Dr. Brown, M.D., Ph. D. is the author of “Conquer Back and Neck Pain: Walk It Off!,” and the book provides readers some good basic information on the different types of back pain. Included are insightful approaches for relieving the pain associated with your each type of back pain symptoms.

Conquer Back and Neck Pain: Walk It Off!

Back pain is a common and often debilitating health problem.

For sufferers just being able to “walk it off” may sound too good to be true.

Most back pain sufferers have tried a myriad of back pain remedies with moderate to minimal relief. So how can the solution be so simple?

How the Human Back Works

Dr. Mark Brown subtitles this helpful book: A Spine Doctor’s Proven Solutions For Finding Relief Without Pills or Surgery and begins by explaining how the human back really works. We soon understand why so many of us are vulnerable to back pain and related ailments including:

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sciatica
  • Radiating leg pain

Readers will take a comprehensive quiz entitled “Which of the 7 Types of Back Pain Do You Have?” This quiz will narrow down your back issues while ruling out other related conditions.

Once you know your type of back pain, you can follow Dr. Brown’s specific advice to achieve back pain relief.

Whether you suffer upper back pain, lower back pain, back muscle pain, or spinal pain, you can determine when you should walk it off or when you should seek medical help with an easy to use chart.

Slipped and Herniated Disc Symptoms

Dr. Brown’s book also covers back pain treatments for herniated disc or slipped disc.

This common back condition is explained in detail in a user friendly manner and accompanied by a pain chart to determine if this is your problem.

Dr. Brown explains that disc herniation sometimes resolves naturally over time. This is one of the specific back conditions described within this book that can benefit from the “walk it off” approach.

Acute and chronic back pain may require more invasive treatments and Dr. Brown explains when back pain exercises alone won’t solve back problems.

He also explains how to avoid the risks of spinal surgery when possible, as well as other traditional back pain therapies that work.

If you’re in search of effective back pain management, Conquer Back and Neck Pain: Walk It Off! can be a helpful supplement to your traditional or alternative back pain care efforts.