Learn the Side Effect of Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and It’s Effects

HGH Dangers – Human Growth Hormone, is it Safe?

Are there side effects of human growth hormone (HgH)?

Yes, there are side effects, but the term does not always refer to negative things. Benefits, actually, are merely
positive side effects of a hormone or any other supplement we provide our bodies.

In order to understand HgH side effects, we must know what it is and how it benefits the human body. HgH is a protein
produced by the pituitary gland that stimulates production of somatomedins by the liver. The somatomedins, in turn,
stimulate bone and muscle growth. If insufficient amounts of this hormone are present, the person may not grow properly.
Even those that do reach a normal height may experience fatigue, weakness, lack of motivation and depression-like
symptoms. After age 40, the body’s production of HgH slows.

Human growth hormone has been the subject of thousands of studies over the past five decades. It has been proved
that anyone deficient in HgH can safely use HgH with great benefit. Even those, however, may have some minor effects
such as short-term fluid retention, wrist pain and elevated blood sugar. In those deficient, the benefits clearly
outweigh the negatives.

HGH and Cancer

While research seeking a connection between HgH and cancer has been sought, it appears that one of the dangers of
human growth hormone, when taken in large quantities, can be an actually increase in cancer. When taken in reasonable
doses, there has been no real cancer threat shown.

Human growth hormone supplements may provide a feeling of increased energy and well-being. These supplements are
often taken in AM/PM HgH regimens. There are some well-documented side effects of human growth hormone in both healthy
adults and those with deficiencies. Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome that result in swollen tissues may
be worsened by the fluid retention associated with HgH. There can be some pain and stiffness in joints and muscle

A person that has no history of high blood pressure can suddenly develop this problem and anyone being treated for
blood pressure-related problems should never consider taking HgH unless their doctor approves. The worse possible
side effect is heart failure but this appears mainly in cases where there are pre-existing heart problems or when
huge doses are consumed. Too much HgH can cause enlarged feet and a protruding brow as well as a large jaw.

There is some evidence that human growth hormone supplements can reduce the effects of aging on the body and skin.
The dose of HgH should always be reduced if side effects appear and only reasonable doses should be taken. If you
choose to use HgH, prudence is required to avoid the side effects of human growth hormone.

Safe Ways to Boost Your Natural HGH

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