What is a Virus? Natural Support to Protect Yourself Against Viral Infections

Safeguard Yourself Against Viral Infection

When our immune system is compromised we are more prone to infections, especially viral. A virus is a small infectious
organism that needs a living cell to reproduce and must reproduce inside the cells of an infected host.

The virus attaches to a cell, often a specific type of cell, and once inside the cell releases its DNA or RNA and
takes control of the cell’s metabolism. Unlike bacteria, antibiotics do not affect viruses. Antiviral drugs are more
difficult to design.

The most common viral infections are those of the lungs and airways which include the common cold, influenza, throat
infections and bronchitis. What can we do to lower our chances of getting any of these common viruses?

Good hygiene. Washing the hands carefully and cleaning items and surfaces can help reduce the spread of common viruses.
Keeping the body’s pH in balance may help the body fight viral infections. A strong immune system that is not compromised
by allergies or digestive problems is key to warding off viruses and will help your body stay healthy.

Natural Support to Ward Off Viral Infections

By Sandy Breckenridge

Recently I had a patch on my face that began to cause the tissue in that area of my face to change shape. I went to the dermatologist and he thought it was rosacea, and another doctor thought it was sun damage. Both diagnosis just didn’t seem accurate to me. Perhaps, that is because I was observing the daily changes in this area of my face and they just saw a snapshot.

I asked my naturopath about the skin disorder and she suggested I try a homeopathic remedy. Sometimes skin disorders can be fungus, or bacterial, or viral in nature. The bacterial homeopathic that I first tried didn’t make a difference in my skin (and it didn’t hurt me either), so next I tried the viral homeopathic.

After a couple of days–one evening–my face became extremely hot and within a couple hours I had hives all over my face. I was a little worried, but felt this might be a healing event, rather than a problem. (During that time I used a cold compress to sooth the area). By the next evening my face was looking better and within three days it was much better. I was excited to see the blotch on my face had begun to change. Now, it is about a month later and I am happy to say the skin tissue is now returning to normal and you can only see slight traces of the problem area.

I am one of those people whose body responds quite well to homeopathics. I personally like to try a natural homeopathic remedy over a prescription medication and if all else fails then I may opt for a prescription. Luckily, I haven’t needed prescription meds in years.

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Vaxa’s Natural Viral Products

When the body is fighting an illness or disease this can have a debilitating effect on one’s nutritional stores,
even depleting them to dangerous levels where the body simply cannot respond effectively through digestion and assimilation
of any replacement materials.

Virexin is a complete series of free form amino acids which helps the body ward off viral infections. These free form amino acids essentially respond as neuro-peptides which are also known as chemical
messengers to the immune system. They assist the immune system in orchestrating and communicating, along with executing the system’s defense
strategies for responding to disease.

Additional ingredients, such as dandelion root
and radix sileris, have a thermogenic response within the blood stream to increase body temperatures above the comfort
levels that viral prefer to help the body rid itself of impurities such as DNA viral matter. With the flu and cold season approaching,
Virexin is a good idea to have on hand because one never knows when he or she may need it. Taking Virexin as soon
as a person starts to feel sick is a great way to help fight off viral infection.

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