How to Use A Bidet and Where to Purchase Them

Tips on Using a Bidet – Learn About Bidets and Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is so important to overall health.

In Europe, bidets are quite common in homes, but in the United States they are quite rare.

They provide the type of sanitary personal hygiene for sensitive private areas that no other method offers.

A bidet allows you to do away with toilet tissue completely. The cleansing water is provided in gentle streams
to each area of the body that requires private cleansing. The water is warmed and direct toward the anus,
urethra, vaginal area, or a combination of all these to ensure all feces and urine area completely removed.
Then a warmed air-bath gently dries the genital area.

These devices are great for patients that have bowel problems causing loose bowel function. Frequently, colon
cancer survivors will have loose bowel movements which are normal for the reduced length of colon remaining
post-surgery. While the bidet is not totally self-cleaning, clean-up is simple and easy!

Women who experience frequent vaginal infections find that using bidets for personal hygiene, especially for
post-coital cleansing reduce or completely stop experiencing the itchy, painful, annoying infections.

Senior citizens that have difficulty bending to clean themselves properly with toilet tissue love the gentle
cleansing of the bidet. The air-bath drying method prevents skin irritations from improper wiping with harsh
toilet papers.

You might think that it would be terribly expensive to change from a traditional toilet to a bidet in your
home. Fortunately, that isn’t true. With simple-to-install electronic, remote controlled add-on bidets, it
is only slightly more difficult than changing toilet seats. The cost is quite affordable when you consider
all the cleaning products, toilet paper, and other requirements of a traditional toilet. Plus, there is nothing
like the luxury of enjoying a gently cleaned and dried genital area provided by the electronic bidet.

To learn more about bidets and the available options, including facts about installation, visit

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