VG, PG, Flavoring and Nicotine: What E-Liquid Should You Choose?

A number of smokers have taken up vaping, a safer alternative to cigarettes. However, similar to cigarette smokers, vapers have a variety of flavors and brands to choose from. To make things more interesting, each e-liquid is unique in its combination of associated chemicals. Which should you choose? The ones that are best for you, of course. Here’s how to know.


The Kind of Experience


To start, you need to identify your desired smoking experience. A cigalike is fixed with a small battery, so the discharge of smoke is minimal. However, the similar look and feel of a cigarette helps many people make the healthier switch. A vape pen or a box mod will deliver a harsher hit, but from there you’ll need to decide whether you prefer e-liquids with more VG or PG.


VG and PG


VG or vegetable glycerin is made from vegetable oil. It’s thought to be a healthier choice than PG and can be used by vegetarians. VG is thick and offers a sweet taste. However, be wary of e-liquids that have high counts of VG since it can clog coils; in some cases, manufacturers suggest avoiding the use of e-liquids with particular mod models.


PG or propylene glycol has no odor or taste, but is used because it delivers a nicotine-like punch to the throat and gives smokers the satisfaction they desire. Those who desire a harsh hit should choose e-liquids with high concentrations of PG. Most smokers don’t fall on either side; do some experimentation and find the flavor and intensity that is right for you.


Mouth to Lung and Direct Lung


A number of cigarette smokers grow addicted to nicotine as well as the sensation of smoking. Cigarettes use the mouth to lung approach to smoking. One must hold a smoking cigarette to their mouth and inhale as smoke goes from the cigarette into the mouth and then to the lungs.


A box mod uses another method called the direct lung approach, drawing smoke straight into the lungs. The result is a much more intense inhalation and volume of smoke. However, those with box mods can adjust the intensity and temperature of hits for an optimal experience. The direct lung experience can be overwhelming for beginner vapers.


Types of Drags


Vapes come in a variety due to the ranging types of drags executed by smokers. As mentioned, those who want to emulate a strong or unfiltered cigarette effect would want to select an e-liquid that has more PG. Conversely, those who want to take huge hits that deliver dragon like puffs, purchase juices with a high concentration of VG. VG is also associated with a smoother hit, one that really allows the smoker to appreciate the flavor of the e-juice. Lastly, many want to smoke in public but don’t want to draw attention. Juices with a lot of PG deliver less vapor when exhaled for a more covert smoking experience.


Nicotine Percentage


Since a number of people start vaping to quit smoking cigarettes, it’s important to consider the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid. Many e-juices have nicotine added which is measured in milligrams per milliliter. As a rough guide, one could figure a conventional cigarette has about one milligram of nicotine. So, those who smoked strong, unfiltered cigarettes may want an e-juice with 24 milligrams of nicotine. On the other side of the coin, those who want to smoke for flavor alone should choose mixes with zero percent nicotine. Go to to view a wide selection.


Too Much Flavor


Interestingly, you can have too much of a good thing when it comes to vaping. Some report that an e-juice loses its punch after it’s smoked for a longer time. It’s not unusual for a user to get accustomed to a flavor, which lessens the intensity of the taste. It may be a good idea to remain open minded when it comes to flavors since you can potentially ‘ruin’ your taste for one. Some suggest keeping your taste buds guessing, never allowing yourself to get too used to one flavor.


First-Time Buying


As suggested, you may want to try a range of flavors to start. Since you’re not entirely sure if you will like a flavor, start with a small purchase and then buy more of the flavors you really enjoy. Also, if staining is something you would like to avoid, choose e-liquids that are lighter in color. Also, if you’re brand new to vaping, be wary that first-time vaping may make you feel sick or make your throat hurt.


Isabelle Kay discovered e-cigs and vaping a few years ago, and has since never looked at a cigarette again. Read her reviews, tips and thoughts online.

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