Low Calorie Vegetarian Recipes Made Easy

Vegetarian Cooking Made Easy: A Beginners Guide to a Vegetarian
Lifestyle by Jennifer Scott

If you want to try a no-meat or limited-meat diet, Jennifer Scott will make it simple and easy to do.

In “Vegetarian Cooking Made Easy,” you learn everything from early childhood diets to maintaining
a healthy heart.

Every part of the vegetarian lifestyle is addressed.

While most books on vegetarian diets point out only the pros, Scott honestly presents the cons as well. This
work is a frank, honest look at eating the vegetarian way and the different genres of vegetarian diets. While
Scott is clearly an advocate of no-meat or low-meat diets, it is commendable that she presents the facts
in such a straightforward manner explaining the advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism.

Included in this valuable resource are recipes that are both appealing and creative. Plenty of reference charts
allow anyone to be able to determine the nutritional value of different foods so that a balanced, healthy
vegetarian eating plan can be devised. It is clear to see that food choices that limit or omit meat do not
have to be boring.

Pregnancy and breast feeding are addressed clearly and in an easy to understand manner. Because nutrition
is crucial during fetal development and early childhood, anyone considering the vegetarian lifestyle should
know the importance of adjusting the diet for small children and prenatal care.

Millions die each year due to heart disease. Scott explains why the vegetarian lifestyle helps prevent heart
disease and how to include heart-healthy food choices in daily living. This resource alone makes this 86
page work well worth reading.

No matter what exact type of vegetarian lifestyle you want to practice, whether vegan, lacto lacto-ovo, pollo,
and pesca vegetarians as well as ‘sometimes’ vegetarians, there’s a lot to learn as a beginner to ensure
your health and success. You will even find low calorie and vegetarian recipes that are easy to make.

You will have to read over a few typos, but it’s worth it because Scott’s Vegetarian Cooking Made Easy really
does make it easy to make the right choices about the vegetarian lifestyle.

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