Using Running Belts To Help You Work Out

Running belts are enjoying a bit of a revival nowadays, and for a very good reason – they can really help you in your work out!

Here are just a few reasons why you should seriously think about investing in a good running belt – a high quality accessory to up your fitness game!

Have More Room

When you go out running, it’s likely you’ll want to bring extra items with you – and most running clothes (or, your own clothes) have pockets that are either too small or will allow items to fall out easily. Unless you fancy doing that run twice, it’s best to invest in a running belt with zipped pockets – that way, everything stays inside, and you only need to do your running route once (unless you’re feeling like you’d want to do more).

Go Hands Free

Further to the above, some runners solve the issue by holding anything they need – be that their house keys, some water or their phones. This is altogether not an easy or comfortable solution – which is why these belts, which are just another item of clothing, can really help. Plus, with a running belt, there’s much less chance that you’ll get sweat all over your stuff, which is a nice, added benefit.

They’re Cheap

Looking for an important bit of kit, which is also affordable? Your answer: running belts. While other items to help your run could set you back a tidy sum, belts for running are very cheap, with a wide range of products to suit every wallet and need. Additionally, no matter your age, stage or build, they are available for every taste and need…even if your build changes after all that running! Speaking of which, they actually can help you make the most of your workout….


You’ll Get Great Results

It’s an automatic core workout – by having just that little bit of extra weight around your middle, you’ll be forced into a better posture, as well as push yourself slightly further and harder when you run. It’s a simple little addition to get that much more from your workout, or force yourself to get into a higher gear. And – best of all – you’ll quickly see results the more you wear it.


They’re Not Just For Running

Even though they’re called ‘running belts’, they are way more than just that. You’ll likely get used to the convenience of the belt itself, and soon find yourself wearing it on your commute, at the weekend and whenever you leave the house. Because the hands-free solution is a much easier, more fun solution, you’ll never be able to go back to the old way of doing things.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re training for a marathon, half-marathon, or are just starting out on your running journey, running belts are an excellent method of training, for beginners and experienced runners alike.


Not only are they another bit of kit to add to your runners swag, they’re a lasting investment which will help your overall performance, as well as your workout.