US Healthcare: The art of no deal under Trump

Consensus on war, weapons for Israel, rubbish talk about Russia, consensus on how to trash-talk Europe & Germany, but ZERO consensus on better healthcare for Americans. Can you believe it? After all these promises of repealing Obamacare and putting Americans first!

Get ready to be healthy only if you can afford it because under the Trump administration, things will now be left to implode, as stated by our “dealmaker” in chief. Yes, this is really going on right now in the US – no wonder why George Soros called Trump an imposter who will not succeed: Americans were promised better healthcare, yet all we see is increased military spending and no action on healthcare. Slowly but surely those of us who gave Trump a fair chance, are starting to regret it. Enough of all this emotional games where he publically interview families of veterans, just to shaft the public at large.

What is ironic, is that there seems to be no difficulties in obtaining consensus or permission to send troops illegally into Syria & Yemen to kill other people, to quickly add more sanctions against Iran – or to give more weapons to Israel on behalf ot the tax payer. But when it get’s to our health, Donald Trump and Paul Ryan ares quite happy to say we have no consensus, so let’s just leave the whole “Obama care” project to blow up.

So what exactly will it look like if we have no consensus and Obama care is left to blow up?

  1. Premium hikes will be left to run wild, leading to unaffordable healthcare to the men and women Trump promised: “You will never be forgotten again”.
  2. Big pharma will not be countered on costs – now that Trump quickly talked them down and his buddies stocked up on pharma shares, it will be left to run wild again – that is, no limits on what they can charge for drugs
  3. Immigration under Trump will add to the current shortages we face among medical staff, meaning Doctors will simply charge more to be seen privately, essentially assuring that their services are only available to those who can pay up. (Just a thought: wondering if Trump towers across the US will now cash in on medical tourism?)
  4. Productivity will decrease as people cannot afford to maintain good levels of health.
  5. Alternative health – and hopefully a holistic approach to health, will become a major trend – which is perhaps the only positive to come from this chaos.


Clearly we the people are once again left to feed two evil industries at all cost, even if it means costing our lives: The military and pharmaceutical industries. Here is a challenge to the Trump campaign: Making America great & safe, does not start with Iran and Syria. It starts with the physical and mental health of our own people. It’s a time now where actions speak louder than words. Now is a time to follow through on those promises.