Unthought of benefits of pilates

Michelle Jermy, Pilates Specialist and owner of The Core Studio based within the Charles Burrell Centre (Thetford) is launching her first book on Pilates which is gathering interest internationally. She has agreed to being interviewed by Healthynewage to give us a teaser of the book.

Podcast below:

Hello and welcome to Healthynewage.com podcast with Francesca Stregapede and Michelle Jermy. 

(Francesca: Hi Michelle, thank you for making the time to have a little chat with us. I have to say, your forthcoming book Pilates for better sex got my full attention! But it’s your first book so it must mean a lot more than sauciness to you.

Michelle: Indeed! I cannot fully explain the excitement I’m feeling right now. What was once a joke in jest has become reality. I still can’t believe that my first book is launching! You can imagine the looks I get when I drop into conversation “I’ve written a book…Pilates for Better Sex”! I normally have to repeat the title and then I can see minds ticking over…who on earth has done the research? Is she some kinda nympho? Is it soft porn? When in actual fact the book has a title of impact but I’ve designed it with women in mind. In the past, we didn’t often see Pilates and Sex in the same sentence but as we all know, an important part of any relationship is a healthy sex life and through Pilates sex can become so much more pleasurable.

Francesca: So even though you designed it with women in mind, I’m sure that men are benefitting from it too! But how did the idea for the book come about? As you put it “who on earth has done the research”?

Michelle: The idea came about when a female personal training client brought me a gift from her husband. When rather perplexed I asked ‘Why?’, she giggled and said he wanted to thank me because apparently since engaging in our Pilates routine their sex life had improved. I then had more and more ladies sending private messages, thanking me that the bedroom department had heated up, so I started joking around in my ladies only sessions with 50 Positions from MJ, the new 50 Shades of Grey. The book idea was then born.

Francesca: So it’s based on the observations you have made over and over again throughout your practice as a Pilates teacher.

Michelle: Yes, but not only. The book also outlines the science part of how Pilates tones the pelvic floor and more importantly how this relates to improving the sexual experience. Readers will be able to choose from a number of exercises depending on their ability: Pilates poses and exercises including squats, pelvic bridges, crunches and many of the stretches that open the pelvis, boast circulation maximising blood flow, triggering nerve impulses to the pelvic floor. The exercises are designed to develop stronger muscles resulting in the ability to hold one’s favourite positions for longer with increased sensitivity to be able to enhance their sexual experience.

Francesca: Well thats certainly promising! Sounds like everyone should practice Pilates regularly! Michelle, if you had one piece of advice to share with our readers, what would it be?

Michelle: Hesitation in sex has a lot to do with body image. You can’t have great sex if you’re self-conscious about your body. Pilates teaches you to love your body and appreciate its unique strength, beauty and power. This allows you to be less worried about your body image and have more fun. In other words, if you feel attractive you are less inhibited. This benefit along with increased overall muscle strength, greater flexibility, healthy joints and greater self-confidence means that Pilates contributes to a great sex life well into your golden years! Being physically fit and toned also increases your self-confidence.

Francesca: Thank you once again Michelle! I’m sure that the audience will treasure your advice and good luck with Pilates for better sex.

Together with her Pilates expertise, Michelle has also shared with us her top 4 tips to feeling more confident and putting the va va voom back in the bedroom.

Tip 1 – Spend some ‘me’ time.

It may only be 10 – 30 minutes consider a hot bubbly bath with candles, listening to music. Maybe a gym session or a walk in the countryside. Write down some of your favourite activities that ensure you fill yourself up because when we feel happy, we shine, we smile and therefore we become more attractive.

Tip 2 – Dress to impress yourself.

Now listen, remove your initial thoughts: many women straight away think about dressing to impress someone else. I want you to dress to impress yourself. This may mean, wearing heels, wearing a dress BUT it may also mean, a new hairstyle, new lipstick, new perfume, wearing matching undies.

 Tip 3 – Take a slow dance

We all have a number of songs that bring back many positive memories. Do you have a song that you often think “It would be great to make love to this tune?” Listen to music that releases your instincts, allow your body to move, learn to enjoy the music and dance.

 Tip 4 – Read something raunchy

Us women have a powerful mind, use it positively, pick up a steamy, raunchy book and let your mind wonder.

In 2016, Michelle will be promoting her book across the UK & US. She would love to hear from anyone interested in hosting her. For further information and to register your interest please check out www.michellejermyfitness.co.uk or find Michelle on Facebook.