Unleash The Power of Your Heart and Mind

rsz_heart_mind“Don’t let the mind rule the heart”

Do you listen to the chaos your mind creates or the whispers of intuitive wisdom from the heart? A trend recently proposed advocates the shift from the sole consciousness of the mind to one of the heart. However, shifting from the intellect of the mind to the intuition of the heart would be a mistake. Rather, the unified consciousness of the heart and mind is the ideal: in concert, these can bring the higher consciousness into play in the physical world. Closing the mind and opening the heart is therefore not the answer, unification of the heart and mind is. Relying only on the intellect and logic of the mind is limiting, while this can gain from the support of intuitive insights from the heart intelligence. 

You are more that the identity your mind creates

The mind has been conditioned by a lifetime of external influences causing you to think, react or act in specific predetermined ways, almost like rote, or gut like knee jerk reaction, to what you face at any moment in time. The mind limits what is acknowledged to exist through determined perception, keeping the observation of the world to a basic minimum of survival requirements in most cases. The mind with all its pre-programmed thought, that one has built up since birth, is a minefield of contradictions that hamper the mind achieving its true potential.

The mind always tries to seek domination in all things, due to a lifetime of indoctrinations of a mind based society, influences both subtle and subliminal lead to a belief in the total power of the mind; completely eliminated from the scenario is the Power of The Heart which in concert with the mind has immense potential to achieve or create what you want in life. Moving out of the mental reality trap will not only enable a greater observation and appreciation of the true world at large, but also to less filtering and more specific view of one’s personal environmental reality.

The history of the power of the heart

Many ancient cultures believed the heart held the essence of the person, the chalice of the soul. Ancient Greeks, (400 to 200 BC), held the heart as the centre of the soul. Ancient Romans, (43 BC to 17 CE), understood the heart to be the single most vital organ of the body. To the ancient Hebrews, the heart was the mind including all thoughts including the seat of emotions and considered the heart to be the locus of one’s thoughts. To the Chinese, the heart is traditionally regarded as the organ of thinking and reasoning, as well as feeling. In classical European anthropology, ‘Kardia’ (Heart) is the centre of the emotions, thought and volition. In Japanese ‘Kokoro’ is the heart core or mind.

Learn to live in the heart’s consciousness 

By bringing ‘Heart Power’ more to the fore in daily life you can learn to accentuate the capabilities of your heart consciousness, thereby gaining better control over your environment, including how the environment interacts with you. Those near to you don’t always have your best interests at heart, but by using the Heart’s abilities you can utilise the power within your heart to control more effectively your external world than is possible with only the mind. The mind is given credit for many of the hearts functions, mainly because the mind is conscious of the hearts interactions, thereby many assume those feelings, thoughts, intuition and senses all originate in the mind, were in fact they emanated from the heart.

What are the benefits heart-based living?

Heart-based living is about empowering the heart to become part of daily experienced reality by tapping into the vast potential of the heart, mind and spirit connection. When these states of consciousness are cooperating to maximise this connective ability then harmony and peace is available to all. If life is driven by the connection between the heart and mind you will have a greater stability and calm, especially at times when these are most needed. The art of living is to follow those strong heart-felt desires, intuitions, and expectancies, trusting, as well as believing, that these will lead to the place in life where true bliss will be found. Living through the heart compass enables you to become aware intuitively of the best direction to take on the many choices of paths to follow in life, making the decision process clearer in order to face life more competently.

The heart consciousness is not intrusive like that of the mind, it doesn’t interrupt with mostly unproductive constant ramblings. The intuitive senses and messages from the heart are many times overridden with surface noise that is of no consequence; ranting internalized dialogues and external clatter of the world. Bits and bats of nonsense seem to take control of thought if not vigilant, most of which has little or no lasting value, relevance or consequence.

The unification of your conscious states of heart and mind offers the scope to the most valuable interactions with your world, getting the best out of your life. For many who are not even utilising the abilities of the heart and mind sufficiently this may seem an unnecessary effort; yet no matter what your current state of consciousness is, worthwhile benefits can be achieved by accessing then amplifying the powers of the heart.

If your heart is closed, you are not fully conscious about all the things that can be created to make your life the ultimate experience. If you open up your heart to all the wonder that actually exists, your world will change, become enlivened, more wonderful, and you will be able to make marvellous memories to savour forever.

The Creative Ability of the Heart

Combining the Power of The Heart with the Power of Your Mind to create your reality gives you tremendous capabilities within the creative process. This is because the heart has the ability to create within reality the things that you come to desire most. It is the mind that first conceives and then will focus upon what you want, but it is through desire that the heart creates these things and makes them real in your known world. The heart consciousness produces the most powerful creative frequency available to you, enabling you to make your desires real. The heart is not only the source of life but also the basis for all you wish to create.

Applying the Power of The Heart enables you to tap into the energy of creation; once combined with the mind’s ability to finely tune your desires utilising imagination and persistence, you can then focus all the unified creative abilities of the heart and mind into manifesting more exactly.

Desire is one of the six key drivers of the creative process, the other ones being imagination, focus, expectations, belief and trust. Once energised at a high enough sustained frequency, desire becomes the ultimate creation tool for manifesting what you want within your reality. Once harnessed fully, desire is one of the purest yet strongest creative energies of the heart, together with belief, another heart-based attribute. Not he other hand, mind energies are longing, wanting or needing.

Keeping a focused desire enables what you are seeking to take form, thereby gaining the legitimacy to become firmly located within your life’s reality. Fixing a desire firmly in your sights then using the conscious states of both the heart and mind in unison will enable the best potential to create what you want to be fully realised.

A Heart-Powered Reality

Great inventors, explorers, artists and creators have all used the passion and desire of the heart to pursue what was first formed within their imagination then brought into fruition within reality through pursuing those ideas with persistence. Those who through a strong passion are able to achieve their desires are functioning at some level from the heart.

The heart’s power can be generated to enliven the entire being by shifting focus from the mind to the heart on occasions were a heart-based consciousness is more conducive to the situation. Creating the energy you require is simple when using the heart’s power effectively and in a focused manner. Whenever you wish to obtain or create something you can evoke the Power of The Heart, Mind and Higher Self by intently imagining them as one unified power. In this state utilising your imagination, focus, desire, expectations, belief and trust you can bring into being the image of the reality that you desire.

Be active in creating the life you want

If you want more control over your life it is wise not to leave the outcome of your present or future to fate. Taking an active involvement in all aspects of your life is a wise decision, enabling the elements of your life that are variable to be under your full control; fixing within your unified consciousness all the things that you desire, the things you wish and intend to come true. Always endeavour to take focus away from what you don’t wish to materialise, while placing all your energy towards the things that you do wish to come true.

Knowing and following the heart has always led people to achieve their goals, those desires that make everything about life worthwhile. These things just don’t fall out of the sky; rather, they require dedication, effort, clear desires, focus, belief, persistence and perseverance to create whatever is expected, first by imagining them as achievable and having the potential to exist. Knowing what your heart wants then pursuing that undauntingly is the essence of an ideal life experience and the creation of valuable memories.

Listen to your heart

The heart is not only the window to the soul, but also to the conscious and subconscious states of mind. The heart also acts as a conduit to the higher self or soul consciousness. If you are receptive, you can become aware of the numerous intuitive messages relayed by the heart; unfortunately, these mostly go unnoticed or are ignored by many people.

It is time to wake up from the current lethargic state of being, realise the wonders that are available to you, start to utilise all aspects of your intuitive abilities and understand the deeper levels of the situations you experience in order to bring about the reality you most desire. Learn to open your heart and mind to the infinite wonder that exists for you in life!

“The mind is wired by society, the heart is wired by your deepest desires for a blissful life.”

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