Understanding Infertility problems is key to prevent it from happening

Infertility has become a growing phenomenon in the modern world. Getting pregnant and having children is the most natural thing of life in the past; nowadays it is becoming difficult and complex. The technological advancement in the medical field has solved most of the problems. People are lining up in queue in front of the fertility centres. Dr. Kwang Yul Cha, the fertility specialist of CHA fertility centre in California, is the pioneer in this field for many innovative techniques practised all around the world.

Though eminent physicians help people to overcome their fertility problems, it is better to prevent them altogether and strive to be natural. Since the problems are solved with the help of eminent fertility experts and their high end equipments and since the procedures are made simple and easy, many couples think of this as a way to enjoy life as they fancy.

One must always remember that all these methods are artificial and hence one day it will definitely show its implications. So, only people with birth defects and other natural complications must use these advanced methods. Others must try to prevent the infertility conditions by knowing the reasons and eradicate them one by one.

Some statistics on Infertility

In the USA alone, 12% or nearly 7 million couples are affected by infertility problems. Among them, 40% is caused by male partners and 50% is caused by female partners.  10% of the causes are unknown.

Causes of infertility in men

  • Excessive use of cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana pose a major problem towards male infertility.
  • Some medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and other medications also cause the sperm count problem
  • Lead, pesticides and other environmental toxins
  • Lifestyle and age also impacts a lot.
  • Birth conditions and damages due to surgeries, radiations for cancer
  • Genetic conditions, infections and testicular damage

However, the reasons for most of male infertility cases cannot be found out. It is always better to stick with nature.

Causes of infertility in Women

  • Age – the foremost reason in female infertility
  • Using cigarettes and alcohol
  • Poor diet
  • Stress
  • Obesity or being underweight
  • Athletic training
  • Hormonal changes due to health problems
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

How age affects women

As the age progresses, women lose the ability to become pregnant gradually. With age increases

  • Other health problems may interfere with getting into pregnancy
  • Quality and quantity of her eggs slowly reduces
  • Release of eggs from her ovaries also get reduced
  • Miscarriage chances are heavy

Steps in Infertility Testing

The first step is to start with biological testing of both the male and female

Then individual testing follows. For the male, it is semen analysis

For the female several tests like hormonal testing, hysterosaplingogram, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are undertaken.

Cost for IVF Treatment

So how much does IVF treatment cost? Normally, IVF treatment in USA can cost around $12,400. These expenses are towards the high end equipments, sophisticated labs and highly trained professionals.