Body Type Diet, Exercise and Profiles for the 4 Basic Types

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Body Type Four – Young Looking But Tendency to Cellulite

Body Type Four – Wiry and Young Looking

A Type Four Body has a tendency to show their balance easier than any of the other types.

When you are in balance, you tend to bring a feeling of stability into the room. You are always thinking. In fact, it is rare that a Type Four is not in deep thought or mind chatter. When in balance you have wonderful ideas. However, when out of balance, the mind chatter gets confusing even for you. Not only are you an interesting person, but there aren’t too many of you in comparison to the other types.

Some Body Type Four’s are the children who did not develop as fast as the others in their class (meaning physically). The beauty of this is that in later life when others are showing their age, Type Four’s look very youthful. While Type Four’s may not have developed quickly, they are still that rare breed that never did get that “mature over-the-hill look.”

If you are a slender Type Four female you have small breasts and hips and a Type Four male will still have a boyish body. Your head as a Type Four is slightly larger than what you would expect for your body.

If you are an overweight, then you have gained weight all over your body and it is like baby fat. This also means your cellulite is an all-over look and your body even with exercise is still softer and not as defined as the other types. It is important that you use proper exercise to strengthen your body. Because of your typical weak digestion you tend to crave soft foods such as yogurt, milk and cheese which are all dairy products. That is not to say that you do not like sweets. Ice cream is a particular favorite. Carbohydrates are something else you tend to crave. You may be one of the Type Four’s that tend to have diarrhea, then constipation.

You are inclined to have allergies, skin conditions, colon problems, aching knees, colds, milk intolerance, and gastrointestinal disorders. The eating of dairy stimulates your pituitary gland. Since
dairy is the major food source for this type, they are the easiest to make a change if they are willing to avoid the dairy products. Type Four gallbladder situations are a bit different than Type Two, but the need for lipase is similar. The need for lactase and maltase is greater.

Type Four’s have many of the food allergies and tend to eat dairy because it feels like they digest it better. However, they do not realise that the dairy is a big part of their problem. This is the body type that can make the big turn around in weight control when they are able to get their protein from a source other than dairy. This body type is the most needy in all the enzymes and protein. Because the pituitary is the growth hormone, many have not reached the maturity of height or appearance until they address protein balance. This is the body type that has many sexual difficulties.

Creating Balance for Body Type Four – Exercise, Diet and Food

To be in balance you need protein more than any of the other types. The eating of protein will slim you down if needed and/or give you energy. This is not the protein from dairy products; this is protein from fish or turkey (the best fowl). In fact, you are the body type that can easily eat meat if you choose.

When you are out of balance you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again whether it is thinking the same thought or working on the computer until all hours trying to “get it right” no matter how tired you are “and not thinking “clearly.” In fact others may tell you that you repeat yourself in a conversation.

Your breakfast should be a good size meal and should contain protein. Lunch is the same, again having protein. Supper is the lighter meal and you will sleep better if your supper is light and there is no snack before bed. Because you have the most sensitive of the body types for allergies, you will want to take your enzymes with meals and snacks.

If you are a Body Type Four you will find aerobic dance, martial arts, especially Tai Chi your best type of exercise. It is recommend participating in one of these exercises at least two to three times a week. Walking is the most natural exercise. However it is not the best choice for Type Four’s because of their constant thinking. They need an exercise that is not mechanical, something they have to concentrate on and not let their mind run on. Possibly yoga, if they can accomplish it. They need to empty their mind as in meditation. The goal is the exercise below the head. A massage would be very good for Type Four’s at least twice a month. When they have a sense of balance they will feel peaceful and in control.

This body type can also benefit by taking a bath using essential oils in the bath water. The use of oils in the shower is also good. When taking a bath use a comfortable water temperature and take a good soak while giving enough time to really relax and turn off the mind.

Best Enzymes for Body Type Four

When the Type Four Body is lacking digestive balance it will store cellulite under the skin all over their body, but especially at their knees and breasts (giving them the soft look). Cellulite is toxins stored in fat and gives a baby fat look. Change in diet from the dairy, enzymes and appropriate exercise will help this condition. Exercise is important and walking for 30 minutes per day is recommended.

Body Type 4 should break their fast by eating a substantial meal with protein and should eat some protein with every meal. They should also try to eliminate as much dairy from their diet as possible and eat at least three meals every day.

When craving something sweet, choose to eat protein instead. Remember that it is the dairy foods that are responsible for the mucous or food allergies that this type may be suffering from. The benefit of enzymes will help balance many of the issues Body Type 4 faces. It is important to remember that it can take 6 to 9 weeks to experience lasting results from enzyme therapy and the time is well spent.

Body Type Four Diet and Nutritional Needs

Type Four’s should avoid sugar/desserts, cookies, white flour, ice cream, sour cream, yellow cheese, butter, fried foods and dairy products. Snacks may include protein in some form such as nuts, nut butters, hard-boiled eggs and/or Fenugreek Tea and Raspberry Tea.

The suggested foods are for those that are over-weight despite the fact they do not eat a great deal of food, and for those with food allergies. Start off the day with protein and include some protein with each meal.

Body Type Breakfast: With breakfast take 2 or more capsules of OxicellZyme and include a
substantial meal with protein. It is also important for a Type Four to include Plantadophilus at
night, (two to three capsules).

A choice of meat, eggs, or balanced plant protein, with cup brown rice or bugler wheat, 1 cup decaf coffee or Fenugreek or Red Raspberry tea.

For lunch: 1-2 capsules Formula Four. A choice of light poultry or fish, fresh vegetables, and one piece of raw fruit. Vegetables should be steamed, since Type Four’s have problems digesting raw vegetables.

For dinner: 1-2 capsules OxicellZyme. Choice of poultry, fish, lean beef or eggs. Steamed vegetables (as much as desired), one raw fruit and a recommended tea. It is the dairy, including milk that stimulates you. What you need is protein in another source. It is important for your body type to receive the whole amino acids in food. If you do eat dairy it should be low fat. Be careful of the low fat items that are high in sugar.

We have recommended the Raspberry Leaf because it soothes and strengthens the metabolism. Fenugreek Tea is used to soothe the gastrointestinal system.

This fascinating information is taken from “The Healing Power of Enzymes” by Enzyme Specialist DicQui Fuller. You may also order the excellent, powerful enzyme formulas based on Dr. Fuller’s research from a wonderful company called Enzyme Essentials.