Body Type Diet and Exercise Profile for a Type Three

Body Type Three is where an individual has Broad Shoulders and Muscular Legs. Of all of the body types this is the truly one that needs to learn balance.

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The adrenals control the building of our body’s energy, stimulation of our appetite, development of muscle and fat and how we handle stress. In other words, they keep our body in balance.


Because the suprarenal (adrenals) gives us strength, this body is a strong looking body. Type Three’s have strong legs and carry the biggest part of their body weight in the torso. Type Three women usually have large breasts. Men and women alike tend to have rather flat buttocks. When they are overweight, they carry it throughout the torso even in their back and always in the stomach area. If they have cellulite, they will carry it through their back, upper arms and stomach area, never in those great legs.

It is not only their body that tends to be strong looking, but they have a strong sense of who they are and what they want. This includes a healthy appetite as well. They are drawn to foods that stimulate the adrenals, and foods that are rich and flavorful. The foods that make them feel more energetic and in control or powerful are foods such as meat, cheese, salt, eggs and alcohol.

The problem with the list of foods above is that they will not only put excess weight on this body, but some of the following conditions may exist if they keep choosing to stimulate the adrenals.

These conditions are high blood pressure, insomnia, stress, back problems, constipation, kidney problems, osteoporosis and gout, to just mention a few. Type Three’s on a weight loss program, lose differently from the other body types. They have been known to be on programs for over two months before they experience inch and weight loss. Type Three’s tend to store their fat in the torso and the tummy, the hardest areas to show improvement.

If they would activate other glands with a new choice of foods, they would notice a change in their temperament, lower their cholesterol and feel less stress. This body type is a perfect one to be a semi-vegetarian. It will take a strong will to give up the adrenal stimulating foods, as they get addicted to the feeling it can give them. However, they have one of the strongest wills, and once they set their mind to something, they can do it if they choose too.

Rather than eat protein and salt products for a snack such as nuts, luncheon meats, cheese or alcohol, Type Three’s should try to have low fat yogurt or room temperature water and sit down for a moment and rest. It is hard for them because of their high energy, but a few minutes to relax or meditate will do wonders.

Breakfast should not be a heavy meal. A grain cereal with skim milk would be good. Lunch should be light with a nice large salad and light protein. The supper meal is the main meal of the day and Type Three’s will sleep better as a result. This would be the meal to eat the heaviest protein.

This is the body type that can just simply drink water and feel bloated and will tend to experience a great deal of gas after eating. A change in their diet will not stop that from happening, but the use of enzymes will correct this. This body type will have swelling of the ankles and joints because of excess protein that the body is unable to break down. Protease will break down this protein and therefore is the main enzyme choice for you. To maintain balance we must meet our needs with proper nourishment and rest, replace our enzymes, exercise using proper methods and experience lots of love.

Balancing Body Type Three

Type Three will find tennis, racquetball, or dancing their best type of exercises. This should be done at least two to three times a week. Walking is natural and will need to be done daily if they chose to do just this exercise over the others. Type Three’s need a full body exercise. Weight lifting is not the best choice, and can, in fact, add to your imbalance. This body needs to become more flexible and rid itself of toxic congestion.

Rather than the cellulite the other body types tend to collect, Type Three’s instead will store their toxins in the muscle and the colon, thereby tending to have body aches, shoulder pains, and gas or bloating. If they should collect cellulite later in life, it will be in the back and upper arms and almost always in the fat of the stomach.

Cellulite is stored toxins in fat. Massage is good for this body type, and one a week would be ideal. Balancing in Type Three will help them feel less stress and more in control.

Bathing in oils to balance Body Type Three is highly recommended. They may be used in the shower; however, it would be best to soak before bed in a comfortable temperature of water for 20 minutes. Avoid getting the water too hot since this may affect blood pressure. Using these oils in an aroma diffuser or aroma dish to add fragrance to the air is also very balancing to the senses.

Type Three Diet and Nutritional Needs

The suggested nourishment bill of fare is intended for those people who:

  • Do not feel that a meal is complete without some kind of protein (meat, fish or fowl).
  • Drawn to any kind of protein (lunchmeats, pate, hot dogs, steak, chicken, fish, and/or fowl).
  • Prefer to salt or pepper their food, even before they taste it.
  • Have strong firm legs no matter their age or weight.
  • Carry their weight in their stomach area or upper torso.
  • Their butt tends to be rather flat or no butt.
  • Enjoys caffeine, alcohol and stimulating foods or drinks.

If you can answer yes to four or more from the seven questions above; the following suggestions are you:

Break your fast by eating fruit or something light.

No ham, sausage or eggs.

Eat the heavy protein of the day at your evening dinner.This is the best time of the day for your heavier meal.

A Semi-Vegetarian life choice is the healthiest for you. Recognize that the gas and bloated feeling you have are directly related to your poor digestion of protein and salt intake. The proteins that are your best choice are fish or fowl. Avoid red meat and pork.

If you are not willing to become a Semi-Vegetarian then at least be willing to eat protein meals sparingly and be wise in your choices. Recognize that the stress you feel and the body aches are related to your high protein and sodium intake. Know that it will take 6 to 9 weeks to experience lasting results. Enjoy and experience the love of which you are at the weight and shape you are right now.

Type Three’s need to avoid salty foods, salt, caffeine, pork, organ meats, white flour, fried foods, heavy oils, sugar and all desserts. Do not consume nuts without taking enzymes. Snacks may include low or non-fat yogurt, fruit or Parsley Tea.

Type Three Sample Diet and Daily Meals

Be sure to include foods that are for the disturbed metabolic system and the sweet craver (a combination of fat and carbohydrate).

For breakfast: Cereal with milk, and one fruit, decaf coffee, or Parsley tea.

For lunch: A large salad with tomatoes (no creamy dressings), with either low fat cottage cheese or fish, and one fruit. Parsley Tea or decaf drink. May choose a plant protein instead of fish.

For dinner: Choice of 4 oz. chicken, turkey, fish or choice of plant proteins. Unlimited steamed or raw vegetables, or a baked potato. Decaf tea or coffee.

The fluids you drink at a meal should be limited. Too many fluids will hinder your digestion. Adequate amounts of water are to be taken between meals. Parsley Tea is recommended because of its purifying effect on your glands and is especially good for the kidneys. Raspberry Tea is a good second choice for body Type Three. Avoid using salt with your meals. Notice you are eating some protein that is necessary to the body, however, you are not beginning your day with a large amount of protein. You should exercise regularly or walk daily for 30 minutes.

Part of this information excerpted from “The Healing Power of Enzymes” by DicQui Fuller.

The Body Type Diet Book

We recently heard about a book by Dr. Berg called “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning.” After reading the reviews of the book we became interested to check out Dr. Berg’s book. He devotes his time to helping people lose weight incorporating body type advice and a line of natural and organic supplements. Each is designed to help each body type detox and then provide the best nourishingment for losing weight and getting healthy. If you are interested in learning more you can read Dr. Berg’s latest book. You might want to take a body type quiz to help determine your particular type. He also points to short videos on each type that will help you decide which is your primary type.

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Enzyme Formula for Type Three

Digestzyme: If dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight problems or plaque in arteries, add LypoZyme.

This information given for educational purposes only and not intended to replace any current dietary, medical or nutritional regimen. If you are under a doctors care for any known condition, you should check with your doctor before adding anything new to your health regimen.

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