Body Type Diet, Exercise, and Profile for a Type Two

Body Type Two and The Healing Power of Enzymes

Body Type Two – Narrow Shoulders, Broader Hips

Type Two for a woman can prove to be very frustrating if she is overweight. She will carry most of her weight in her “Saddlebags” on the outer thighs. Her cellulite will collect in this area as well. Type Two’s tend to have smaller upper bodies, small waists and small shoulders (in comparison to her hips). They tend to have hips one to two sizes larger and buying a dress or pants outfit of the same size to fit above the waist and below the waist is difficult, if not impossible. A slender Type Two will still carry weight in the hips and thighs in proportion to her upper body.

Body Type Two for a man is similar. However, because his male sex glands work closely with the adrenals, he will carry his weight in his hips and thighs, and his shoulders will be smaller than his hips. He may have a “Pot belly” if overweight.

Body Type Diet and Nutrition for Type 2

The foods that Type Two’s are drawn to are spicy, creamy foods which stimulate the sex glands.

This type enjoys rich foods and a rich life style. They will find the pounds come on quite gradually so it is often difficult to notice until clothes no longer fit and they are overweight. Because their energy levels are fairly stable, they keep going and tend to push themselves. It is not unlike a Type Two to feel stress and hold on to it, or not say anything about the cause of the stress.

Type Two’s tend to care-take and put others needs first. They will be inclined to eat the foods that will keep them “Feeling good” as they stimulate their sex glands to handle the stress or frustration.

Type Two has problems in breaking down the fats in the rich foods and that adds to their imbalance. The disorders that are brought on by this imbalance are kidney/bladder conditions, arthritis,
breast lumps, skin problems, allergies, prostate or female organ disorders, and last but not least, gallbladder complications.

When the body lacks balance and cannot handle the rich foods this body type eats they become very toxic and develop cellulite and/or constipation. The Type Two will feel nausea and often fatigue after eating. They can also get headaches and numerous other problems that can stem from their gallbladders.

Type Two women may go into their secondary body type following the changing of the hormones caused by menopause, taking hormones, thyroid, birth control pills and the various other changes created by imbalance of the hormones. This is why its important to provide information on the secondary body types as well.

Type Two men will tend to remain the same unless they are unwilling to give up the fatty animal products (red meat and pork). After eating diets that are rich in fats and proteins they may take on the secondary body type as Type Three and then add high blood pressure and gout to their list of imbalances.

Enzymes for Body Type Two

Type Two’s especially need the lipase enzymes to help break down fats and take stress off their gallbladder. Lysozyme will be a great help to them for all the foods they are drawn to. If they are already experiencing gallbladder problems, LypoZyme will meet that need. Take 1 (or more) capsules right before first bite with each meal. When eating fried foods, rich or highly seasoned food, increase to 3 or 4.

Type Two Nutritional Needs

Type Two’s should avoid chips, spices, heavy creams, butter, desserts, caffeine, fats, oils, pork, organ meats, sugar, ice cream and all fried foods. Snacks or small meals may include, a raw fruit, soy milk rather than regular milk, a protein choice, Red Clover or Red Raspberry teas. Type Two’s should not start their day with only coffee.

All meal recommendations include taking 1-2 capsules of LypoZyme with each meal. For weight loss over 20 pounds, add BalanceZyme Plus before meals and three of the Lysozyme with meals.

Suggested breakfast choices include one raw fruit (grapefruit) and a plant protein (7 grain bread) or
vegetable omelet.

Lunch could be a green vegetable salad with low fat cottage cheese or 1 egg, or low fat yogurt
and choice of plant protein. Decaf tea or coffee is acceptable. Please, delete the creamy dressings on your salads and switch to something lighter.

Dinner can be a choice of chicken, turkey, fish or lean beef. A cup of brown rice with steamed vegetables. Herbal tea. Red Clover is suggested because it is a natural diuretic, blood purifier and is good for the liver.

In addition, for overall health maintenance, rebuilding, energy and staying younger feeling, a daily regimen of OxicellZyme plus Plantadophilus is highly recommended.

Look at following these guidelines as a long term commitment, and not just a quick fix. Your commitment to yourself will be rewarded with radiant health and vitality.

If you wish to learn more about the recommended Enzyme therapy, you can save money on the products listed by joining the standard E-Club Membership which includes the two products above. Then, you will also save substantially on the LypoZyme as well. Definitely the way to go.

Balancing a Body Type Two

Keep in mind that the sex glands are more active at night and that is when their largest protein meal should be consumed. This of course is the supper meal. This body type should not eat a large meal or snack right before going to bed or they will not sleep well. Their lightest meal is the morning meal, and if they do not eat a good breakfast, the need for snacking will arise.

To stay in balance we all need to meet our needs whether it be through nourishing our body with food, rest, or water (you need to remember to drink water between meals), exercise, replacing enzymes and practicing self-love.

It is the fats and the salts that stimulate Type Two’s system. High fats put you at heart risk. All dairy products should be lower in fat. Be very careful of low fat items that are high in sugar. The fluids you drink at a meal should be limited. Adequate amounts of water are to be taken between meals and not at the meal.

Bathing in oils to balance their body is highly recommended. The oils may be used in the shower, however bathing for 20 minutes before bed is best and will help this type get to sleep. For the best in pure therapeutic grade essential oils, click the following link to learn about one of our favorite sources, Mountain Rose.

Using essential oils in an aroma diffuser or aroma dish will add fragrance to the air that is inhaled, and provides a balancing function to the senses. Be sure not to use a diffuser that uses heat, as this alters the constituents of oils, use pure, therapeutic grade oils with no additives or solvents.

Body Type Exercise Tips

Type Two’s will find power walking, regular walking or jogging their best type of exercises. These exercises may be improved upon by carrying or wearing light arm weights. Another type of exercise that will serve Type Two’s well is dancing or gymnastics. The main idea is to bring balance to their upper and lower body at the same time.

When the body is lacking digestive balance it stores toxins in fat. Cellulite is toxic fat. Type Two’s carry cellulite in the rear end and upper thighs. A change in diet, enzymes and appropriate exercise will begin to dissolve the fat and cellulite. Exercise is very important. Walking or any movement that concentrates on the body below the waist is the best choice for Type Two. Do one of these exercises two to three times per week. Finish each exercise by elevating legs or massaging lower part of body. Balancing this body type will help Type Two feel they can do or accomplish anything.

Part of this information excerpted from “The Healing Power of Enzymes” by DicQui Fuller.

Book on The Body Type Diet

We recently heard about a book by Dr. Berg called “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning.” After reading the reviews of the book we became interested to check out Dr. Berg’s book. He devotes his time to helping people lose weight incorporating body type advice and a line of natural and organic supplements. Each is designed to help each body type detox and then provide the best nourishing ment for losing weight and getting healthy. If you are interested in learning more you can read Dr. Berg’s latest book. You might want to take a body type quiz to help determine your particular type. He also points to short videos on each type that will help you decide which is your primary type.

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