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What is Your Body Type?

Read a four part series to assist you in working with your particular body type to support wellness and optimal health. Nutritionists and enzyme specialists place significant importance on body typing when working with clients to help them achieve better health, energy and/or weight loss.

It is believed that a person’s body type gives significant clues as to how their bodies will process foods
and create energy. In part one you will learn about the best overall body type diet and tips to support type one.

Wellness Tips for Body Type One

You could be a body type one if you tend to gain weight pretty much evenly but end up holding more from your waist to your thighs. If your metabolism is greatly effected by sugar balance and or thyroid function, you could also be body type one. If you have love handles, that’s also a type one trait.

There may be more type one body types than any other, at least in the United States, according to enzyme specialist DicQui Fuller. She says a lot of Americans are Type One’s.

Type One and the Thyroid Gland

Read more about the thyroid gland if you are a type one, because the thyroid will be of particular importance to you in maintaining a stable metabolism rate.

What do Type Ones like to eat? A Type One will be drawn to caffeine, sugars and starches. To balance, they need to eat some type of protein, too.

If you love coffee, and a bagel for breakfast, you are probably this body type, expecially if you love carbs, and find yourself muching on them throughout the day. We also find that this type also tends toward making mucus too, which is what Ms. Fuller says in her book on the subject. She also advises type one body types to take brief rest breaks and to revive themselves with room temperature water.

What should they eat? Type One’s should avoid white flour, caffeine, sugar, desserts, fruit juice, canned fruit, dried fruit, frozen fruit, pasta, bread, fried food and heavy oils. Snacks may include hard boiled eggs or some type of protein food and/or raspberry leaf tea.

The suggested foods that are really good for this type are high in protein and low in carbohydrate. This one body type diet for is for those who crave carbohydrates/starch or are glucose intolerant.

Also, be very careful of low fat dairy foods that are low in fat but high in sugar, as they may not be listed as a sugar item. We have suggested Raspberry Leaf Tea because it soothes and strengthens the metabolism and depresses your body category. Sugar substitutes are acceptable, but Type One’s will want to avoid caffeine and drink herb teas instead.

Enzyme Suggestions for Type One

One’s especially need the amylase enzyme plus lactase, maltase and sucrose to break down the carbohydrates they consume. The OxicellZyme contains a good measure of amylase and is suggested
for this body type.

Best Body Type Exercise Choice for Type One

Swimming and low impact aerobics. Twenty to thirty minute workouts might be best, two or three times a week. Walking is the most natural to this body type and may be done every day. Also a rebounder is good because it gets the lymphatic system going.

Many of this body type find walking is ideal. An indoor exercise Glider is a wonderful way to get a walking workout each day no matter what the weather. This type doesn’t need to go for the strenuous workout because it often will lead to fatigue and energy swings.

As we get older…women will collect cellulite in the hips and thighs, men will collect it in the “love
handles” at the waist. Change of diet, enzymes, and appropriate exercise will begin to rid the body
of the cellulite and fat collected from the midriff to the thighs.

Part of this information excerpted from “The Healing Power of Enzymes” by DicQui Fuller.


Dr. Berg’s Book on The Body Type Diet

We recently heard about a book by Dr. Berg called “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning.” After reading the reviews of the book we became interested to check out Dr. Berg’s book. He devotes his time to helping people lose weight incorporating body type advice and a line of natural and organic supplements. Each is designed to help each body type detox and then provide the best nourishment for losing weight and getting healthy. If you are interested in learning more you can read Dr. Berg’s latest book. You might want to take a body type quiz to help determine your particular type. He also points to short videos on each type that will help you decide which is your primary type.

To learn more, see our own special report on how to lose weight fast.

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