Tumor Regression and Iridodials From Dr. Hans A. Nieper

Tumor Regression Work of Dr. Hans A. Nieper

Maybe people each day are diagnosed with a cancerous tumor.

Dr. Hans A. Nieper is reported to have one of the highest success rates for cancer in the medical world and has
done extensive work in this area.

This article covers his ground-breaking work in tumor regression and the discovery of Iridodials. Although this
article is published elsewhere, we are pleased to share this cancer research.

Dr. Hans Neiper and His Tumor Regression Work

What Does Iridodial Do? Iridodial is a very effective gene repairing substance found naturally in ants. Iridodial
has been shown to promote tumor regression in many cancer patients, in addition to promoting relief of

Iridodial is found in ants. Insects are the most effective producers of gene repairing substances known to man.
Although insects have virtually no immune system, they hardly ever develop tumors. In essence, they have no offense
(immune system), but an amazing defense (gene repairing capability).

As soon as a problematic gene appears (like cancer) it is immediately either repaired, sealed, or destroyed. Iridodial
is the name for this gene repairing substance in ants. Also iridodial-like compounds are found in other, eg. European
ants. Also these most important anti-malignant properties have been observed in realistic clinical cases. The iridodial
research, according to Dr. Ralph Moss, is the spearhead realistic, cancer therapy research at the end of this century.

The iridodials are a primary source of dialdehydes, which are extremely powerful genetic-repair factors. Their Anti-Malignant,
Genetic-Repair properties were first described by Dr. Peter Thies of Hannover, Germany, in 1985, and the first pulmonary
tumor regression from iridodial use was observed by Dr.Didier of Gifhorn, Germany.

The iridodials are extracts obtained in extremely small yields from iridomyrmex ants. Insects, and particularly
ants, have the capacity to produce large amounts of gene-repair substances efficiently. The result is that such insects
rarely develop tumors and are able to host unbelievable amounts of viruses without showing any ill effects.

Yet they have no immune systems. Since iridomyrmex ants are almost always found in geopathic zones (areas of intensely
strong geomagnetic radiation), they apparently require especially strong Genetic-Repair systems. The iridodials are
activated by the amount of geomagnetic and vacuum field energy stimulation that the ants receive.

Dr. Hans Neiper
states: “In my clinical experience, I have observed that the iridodials outdistance most other therapeutic
substances known in the treatment of cancer. They are extremely effective, even in terminal breast cancer cases,
as long as the tumor has not grown beyond a certain size. These substances can be administered orally, intravenously,
or intramuscularly. Not only are the iridodials more effective and much less expensive than other anticancer agents,
but they are non-toxic and can be used without complication for an unlimited time. Never, in forty years of treating
cancer, have I experienced more positive results than I have with the iridodials.”

Iridodial-Ant Factor-Active Anti-Viral

As long ago as the 1950’s a preparation called RH50 was used to treat rheumatoid disease, and several patients with
lung cancers regressed while on it. Dr. Nieper employed it for some of these otherwise untreatable lung adenocarcinomas
with benefit. This product was derived from ants out of the forest in Austria. As Dr. Nieper explains, ants have
a repair system, which extinguishes the virus information so that it cannot overwhelm the insect.

Dr. Nieper’s clinical experience with this ant factor for 15 or so patients with advanced forms of malignancies
proved to be very positive, as long as the ant factor was available. According to Dr. Nieper this ant factor seems
to very, very slowly suffocate the malignancy. It takes eight months or even up to two years to keep the malignancy

He reports that under these ant factors he has observed tumor regressions that have not been obtainable before.
Unexpectedly, this ant factor, iridodial, does not result in positive effects against malignant cells in the test
tube or in animal models either. Dr. Nieper reports that the ant factor, iridodial, seems to need a really long time
to suffocate the malignancy, and in his opinion this is due to the very slow annihilation of the viral information
in the tumor cell.

Dr. Nieper has reported that although most ants have some of this repair factor, the ants from the northern areas
of both Argentina and Australia have about 2% of their weight in this iridodial factor. He comments that the development
of these repair substances is in response to the amount of solar bombardment the ant colony receives. The iridodial
is activated by energy from the geopathogenic zones. Preparation of the product requires care in maintaining the
electromagnetic activation of the iridodial so that it is effective. In order for iridodial to be really effective
in cancer cases, Dr. Nieper says that patients need to take about 5,000 ants each day.

Medical Achievements of Dr. Hans A. Nieper, MD Dr. Nieper advised and rid the ailing former president Ronald Reagan
of his cancer. He treated thousands of everyday people like you and me.

Nancy Sinatra lavished praise on this great German physician: “He is a fabulous person, a recognized scientist,
a marvelous doctor.” His patients both loved and respected him.

  • Dr. Nieper is reported to have one of the highest cure rates for cancer in the medical world.
  • He is the inventor of Serenity. His success with Depression, Migraines and Bi-polar disorder using this substance
    is unsurpassed.
  • He developed natural medications which were reviewed and approved by the German Government for cancer and the
    only official MS treatment.
  • One of his most important precepts was: “Cancer cannot be treated as a local disease. Cancer infests the
    entire body; therefore, the entire body must be strengthened.” This is why he treated disorders at the cellular
    level with non-toxic substances.
  • He is the man who invented Mineral Carriers, the 4 different substances used to transport minerals to the cellular
    level. These are undoubtedly the most absorbable form of minerals that people can digest in dietary supplement

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