Learn About the Benefits of Coconut Oil Products for Skin and Health

Coconut Oil Benefits Your Skin
and Your Health

The controversy over coconut oil benefits seems to be subsiding with an increasing number of experts acknowledging
the role of coconut oil in providing innumerable health benefits.

The benefits of coconut oil can be derived when
it is used as a cooking medium and also when it is applied on the skin. Coconut oil for the skin acts as an ideal
natural lotion that helps in preventing destructive free-radical formation.

It will help in preventing spots and
other blemishes that are caused due to aging or overexposure to sunlight. It helps in strengthening the connective
tissues and making them suppler, which in turn helps in preventing wrinkles. The oil helps in limiting the damage
caused by sunlight as it is easily absorbed by the skin and the underlying cellular tissues. Applying coconut
oil or lotion regularly makes the skin smoother, bringing a healthy shine to the skin. It also has healing and repairing
properties that help in rejuvenating the skin and bringing back the youthful appearance.

Good for the Heart

Apart from the skin benefits, coconut oil is also said to be beneficial for the heart when used as a cooking medium.
Recent studies on the effects of coconut oil indicate that the oil is a better alternative than other types of artificially
hydrogenated oils. Experiments show that oil from the coconut has very little trans-fatty acids, which are considered
as the main cause of increased cholesterol in the veins and arteries. Some nutrition experts are of the opinion that
oil from the coconut is even better than olive oil, which has a relatively high level of trans-fatty acids as compared
to coconut oil. However, to derive the maximum benefits, it is necessary not to heat to very high temperatures, as
it can lead to the build up of additional trans-fatty acids.

Unique Chemical Structure

The benefits from the oil from coconuts comes from the unique chemical structure of its molecules, i.e. the length
of its fatty acid chains. The oil is composed of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are also referred to as
medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. These types of fatty acids are easier to break down, which reduces the strain
on the pancreas, the liver and the entire digestive system. MCFAs are better because they are directly converted
into energy rather than being converted into fat and being stored in the body as fat. Another good thing about this
healthy oil is that the human body does not require insulin for digesting MCFAs, making this high quality natural
oil a better choice for all who are concerned about their blood sugar levels. This natural healthy oil is also said
to be a dieter’s best friend, as it helps in stimulating metabolism.

Coconut Oil’s Healthy Benefits

There are many other nutrients in coconut oil such as Lauric Acid, which is a common ingredient found in mother’s
milk. When the acid is digested, it is converted into a substance called ‘Monolaurin’, which helps in
strengthening the immune system. You can also get all the associated coconut oil benefits by using it as a cooking
medium and applying it on the skin regularly.

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