Mary Toscano Interview: Part Two – Good Fats, Lowfat Diet Myths, Better Food Choices

You have joined us for Part Two of our Interview with nutrition expert, Mary Toscano.

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Low Fat and No Fat Foods Create Stored Fat

Mary Toscano: Low- or no-fat foods are another example of when we needlessly tamper with nature.

Like fiber, fat slows down sugar absorption. When fat is removed, blood sugar can spike, causing the liver to turn the sugar into saturated fat. That’s right: taking out the fat out of the food can cause our bodies to produce saturated fat. I watch people do this all the time—order a low-fat pastry with their no fat juice drink and wonder why they have high cholesterol and continue to gain weight.

Like everyone else, I avoided fat like the plague for most of my life. I had no idea how much the body needs fats!

Fabulous Fats

Foods Rich in Omega 3Fats are essential to the eyes, heart, lungs, and brain (60% of the brain is made of fats).

They also help control inflammation and even fight disease. I became so fascinated by fats and the vital role they have in the body that I produced a DVD/video called Fabulous Fats! Setting the Record Straight.

My goal was to change the way we think about fats and make it easy to know how to choose good fats, instead of avoiding them all!

Sandy Breckenridge: I have to tell you, Mary, Kirk and I just finished watching your latest production, Fabulous Fats, and I have never smiled so much while watching an educational program.

You certainly have an ability for delivering valuable facts on nutrition in a very special way. The Fabulous Fats DVD is so very light, fun, and insightful while providing so much important information. I learned so very much about why the body needs fat to maintain a healthy balance and why healthy fats are incredibly important.

You are quite the myth buster on the health benefits of low fat diets.

How did this myth ever get started in the first place?

The Myths About Low Fat Diets

Old Low Fat CookBook CoverMary: The myth got started for the right reasons: too much fat (whether in the blood stream or stored on the body) leads to serious health problems.

It seemed like the obvious solution would be to stop eating fat. However, a “no fat” diet typically translates to a “high carb” diet. It was some time before researchers realized that our bodies were compensating by making saturated fat from the extra carbohydrates.

Sandy: Yes, and it took some time for evidence of the contrary to develop. I bet there are other misconceptions about nutrition and diet. Do you have plans for any other educational programs? And how can the public, schools, and other institutions schedule a presentation with you?

I feel your DVDs should be seen in every school in America along with health and wellness institutions.

Spreading the Facts on Healthy Nutrition

Nutritional DVD Covers on Fats and SugarsMary: I agree with you that the Sweet Fire and Fabulous Fats DVDs should be part of a school’s health curriculum.

I am constantly being asked by parents to make this happen. I have made some progress in this area, but there’s much more to be done.

I am currently working on turning Sweet Fire into an e-course. There will be three versions—one for kids, teens and adults.

The courses will include quizzes and exercises (food journal etc), and should be ideal for schools.

Learn the Best Food Choices the Easy Way

And you’re right – there are many misconceptions about nutrition and diet that have been programmed into us over the years.

And it’s been exciting to uncover a lot of the misconceptions and provide concrete answers.

Happy Audience Watching Sweet FireI never get tired of watching people light up as they come to understand these concepts. They feel empowered, realizing that their health is not something outside their control.

Sandy: Thank you, Mary for your time. We are so very excited to share your DVDs with our viewers and can hardly wait to announce your new Sweet Fire educational programs. Please keep us up to date!

Mary: Thank you, Sandy, for the work you and Kirk do educating and spreading the word on health and wellness. It’s been an absolute pleasure to talk with you.

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Mary ToscanoMary Toscano teaches people the most up to date nutritional information available through informative and entertaining DVDs, study programs, and in person engagements.


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