Ephedrine-Free Weight Loss Formula for Safe Weight Loss

Ephedrine-Free: Safe Weight Reduction Formula Help You Feed
Your Body Not Your Stomach

Holistic Health Solutions for Healthy Weight Loss – Ephedrine-Free for Safe Weight Reduction

This ephedrine-free weight loss formula is quite possibly the safest weight reduction product available that
really works.

The Life Source Weight Loss System package is designed to help give your body a jump start in your weight
reduction program.

Taken in combination with our Health Complete Daily Nutrition Package, (which contains all the essential
elements necessary to guarantee your body has the crucial building blocks to function properly), together these
packages will not only help you shed those pounds and inches, but help you maintain optimum health and vitality
while you do it.

These packages help you feed your BODY, not your stomach! Real weight loss, less hunger, greater health, and
more energy and vitality is all within your reach.

In our Weight Loss System package we have combined three formulas to help maximize the effectiveness of your
diet and exercise program.

Source Weight Loss System

Liquid Weight Loss System Formula

This ephedrine-free weight loss formula is quite possibly the safest weight reduction product available that
really works.

Liquid Co-Q 10 Formula Advanced Formula.

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like compound with benefits as a potent antioxidant free radical scavenger. It has
been recognized as a very beneficial supplement for individuals who suffer from disorders of the cardiovascular
system. It is also a crucial part of cellular function, ATP, synthesis, and the production of energy. Co-Q10
has strong ties to immune system support, overall improved health and weight control benefits. Co-Q10 is
required for mitochondrial energy production.

Liquid Chromium Picolinate Formula.

This formula helps break the cycle of overeating sweets caused by a chromium deficiency and at the same time
helps break down glucose and fatty acids more efficiently within the body. Eating sweets (sugar and high-fructose
foods and beverages) can cause chromium deficiency while simultaneously causing drastic increases in insulin
and glucose levels. Research suggests that weight loss diets achieve improvements in body fat burning by
adding dietary chromium supplementation. When insulin is functioning efficiently, blood sugar and fatty acids
metabolize properly, producing heat (thermogenic) instead of weight gain.

Of course, everything is assembled using the exclusive phytogenic compounds that your body needs and our exclusive
catalyst that makes it all work together to create a “Team Effect.” This package helps provides
the jump start your body needs on the road back to that perfect body that lurks inside you.

Full Ingredient List and Secure Order

When you visit the website, read also about T. J. Clark’s Life Source Packages to
help you and your health care provider in choosing “team” nutritional packages that best suit your
needs. Create the optimal system for your body by combining T. J. Clark products to obtain maximum uptake
and assimilation to best suit your individual body’s needs and requirements.

Other catalyzed products offered by T.J. Clark include:

  • Liquid MSM
  • DHEA
  • Calcium/Magnesium
  • Melatonin
  • Glucosamine Sulfate
  • Detox Formulas

T. J. Clark Product List

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