Tips to Finding The “New Normal” After Recovering from a Serious Illness or Injury

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When you’ve experienced a life-altering illness or injury, it can be very commonplace to become depressed or saddened by your current state. Even after recovering from an illness or injury, there are some who have permanent damage that will forever change their lives. Feeling as if everything you once enjoyed is now gone, it can be rough to deal with. The good news is, though you may have to change some things about your life, you can still find the new normal and restore order to your life. Here are some suggestions:

Continue to Rely on Medical Aids

If your illness or injury has altered your mobility, you may need to rely on the help of medical aids to get around. Having these aids allows you to continue doing things without having to struggle. For instance, Quingo mobility scooters would make walking around a lot easier than a traditional wheelchair, walker, or cane. A stair lift may need to be installed in the home to ensure you can get up and down the stairs without an issue. Look into medical aids that will allow you to do as much as you can on your own.

Get Emotional Support

Though your physical body may have done all of the healing it can as a result of the illness or injury, your mind will take a lot longer to get past it. It is imperative that you get emotional support for those with similar illnesses or disabilities. Whether you choose to go to group meetings or you opt to visit a counselor a few times a month to talk about the struggles of what you’re going through, it is important to vent as you go through this difficult, but necessary transition.


It may be difficult to learn that there are things you may never be able to do the same in your life again, but it is a reality that you must come to accept if you’re going to move past this and find your new normal. Take the time to realize that while it is life-altering, it could have been worse. Try to find things you can be grateful for that will keep your mind off the changes in your life. It may help to know that there are accommodations for those with disabilities everywhere. You may come to find that some of the things you thought you couldn’t participate in, you actually can. Hotels, restaurants, and more have handicapped accommodations so before you assume the worse, look into it. You may find it’s not that bad after all.

Discover the New You

You too have changed as a result of your illness or injury. It’s important to get to know the new you and learn to treasure the old you. Take time to do new things and learn what amazing abilities you still have – and perhaps some you didn’t know you did. When you realize what you can do and stop focusing on what you can, you’ll learn to appreciate yourself a lot more which makes recovering from your injury mentally, a lot easier.

Look for a Purpose or New Career

It can be common to think that you have no use or purpose anymore now that you’re disabled. If you’ve lost the ability to do your job, it can really do numbers on your ego. There are, however, a lot of things that those suffering from illness and disability can still do that serve a great purpose. Consider a career in another field, or perhaps start a passion project. Write blogs supporting and giving advice to others who are in your situation or even show others how to prevent it. When you have something to do on a regular basis, getting past your disability becomes a lot easier.

The hardest part of recovering from a serious illness or injury is the mental aspect of it all. What you once knew as your life has now been altered permanently, and grasping that can be difficult. You can take control of your life and find your new normal by following the above advice. Surround yourself with a lot of support and most importantly, keep your head held high. As you find your new place in life you’ll find that you feel a lot happier and fulfilled.