Tips for Healthier Looking Skin

Cosmetic Procedures

If you’re like most women in today’s hustle and hurry world, you don’t have a whole lot of time to worry about skin care. As a mom, wife, friend, daughter, and an employee, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the bathroom taking care of your skin. Luckily, you don’t have to. There are quite a few easy things you can do to give you that glowing, healthy look without having to sacrifice time with your family to do it.

Don’t Drink, Don’t Smoke, Don’t Do Drugs

Drinking, doing drugs, and smoking are bad for your skin, to begin with, however, when you mix antidepressants and alcohol, it can be even worse. Alcohol dehydrates you which, in turn, dries out your skin and it’s been proven that antidepressants can cause or worsen any current skin conditions you have, including causing dry and cracked lips and making eczema worse. Mixing the two isn’t just dangerous to your health, but to your skin as well, so it’s best to avoid them both altogether.

Skip the Makeup

While makeup certainly does enhance your beauty, it is possible to look great with no makeup as well. Makeup, especially when you’re not washing it off before you go to bed at night is terrible for your skin. Makeup makes your skin oily, clogs your pores, and can cause dryness and acne. You can look gorgeous by skipping the whole makeup routine, so do it.

Treat Your Skin Gently, Always

You need to take care of your skin if you want your skin to take care of you. Treating your skin gently is the perfect way to do that. You can do this by not only following the tips above but by being careful what you use on your skin as well.

For example, it’s best to use only quality skin care products, such as ones that are fragrance-free, have a low Ph balance, and aren’t heavily infused with oils that can clog your pores. You nightly skincare routine should make your skin feel refreshed and tingly, not heavy and weighed down. You can also limit your bathtime, avoid super-strong soaps, and pat, not rub your skin when drying yourself off.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Being out in the sun unprotected can age your skin before your time. Not only can too much sun exposure lead to skin cancer, but it can also cause age spots, wrinkles, and other problems as well. Make sure that you wear sunscreen every time you’re in the sun, stay in the shade when it’s possible, and wear protective clothing when it isn’t.

Your skin is an essential part of your body, just like your lungs and heart, and the way you take care of it will come back to haunt you if you aren’t careful. The tips above can keep your skin radiant and glowing with hardly any effort at all, and without a rigorous skincare routine to take up your time.