Time to Blossom: Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Anne MarieA common experience among those I coach is a sense of dissatisfaction with one or more aspects of their life and a desire to live in a more meaningful way and with a greater sense of purpose.
Most people want to be happy, achieve higher levels of wellness and have a greater sense of personal life satisfaction.

Through coaching, my clients come to recognise that wellness is an inside job and the foundation for happiness, wellness and greater life satisfaction is built by discovering what motivates them, owning their personal power and doing what it takes to fulfil their dreams and goals. This inside work can prove challenging because it means taking personal responsibility for their life choices and recognising that they have within themselves the power to change their life.

Surrendering to Fear and Negativity

When excuses and blame come into play, personal power has been surrendered as a person has handed over the steering wheel of his/her life to fear and negativity. If a person does not own their personal power they are less motivated to change and may blame others, or formulate excuses for why they are not living their desired life or lifestyle.

When fear and negativity are in charge there is an expectation of defeat, primarily because the person does not believe they can change their life for the better. Until they reclaim their personal power and become motivated to make positive life choices, they will experience low levels of wellness and general dissatisfaction with their life.

Letting Go to Be Free

A key factor that erodes a client’s personal power is focusing on negative past experiences and holding onto resentments. I help clients to recognise that here is nothing helpful to be gained from blaming others for their past pain or current situation and holding onto resentment serves only to block their path to wellness and leaves them feeling powerless to change their life.
Present moment awareness is the gateway to personal freedom and requires the person to be mindful. Mindfulness is only possible when you have reclaimed your personal power, let go of the past baggage and become energised to steer your own life course.

Other clients I coach have sought to exert control over the events and people in their life in the belief that this will make them happy. Ironically, the more a person attempts to control events or people, the less power they have. They lose perspective and mistakenly associate personal power with being in control. In truth, personal power comes from letting go of the need to be in control, changing the things you have the power to change and then letting go of that which you do not need to change or control.

When a person makes the decision to stop trying to control life events, they have taken the first step in reclaiming their personal power. This marks the beginning of their Personal Wellness Journey which ultimately will lead to greater life satisfaction.

From Power to Freedom

With personal power comes personal freedom. Personal freedom involves making conscious choices about how you live your life and no longer blaming others for your perceived problems. It involves accepting responsibility for your decisions and actions and eliminating the need to make excuses. Once clients reclaim their personal power, they make conscious decisions and choices relating to:
• Their health and lifestyle
• Their relationships
• Their personal development
• Their occupation or career path
• Their attitude
• Their life purpose and
• Their investment in building their Personal Wellness Foundation

The path of life is paved with challenges but also beautifully lined with opportunities and support. When you own your personal power you will experience personal freedom and you will become liberated to live the life of your choosing.

This is your Time to Blossom, so go ahead and reclaim your personal power, embrace your personal freedom and take whatever action is required to achieve higher levels of wellness and an enhanced sense of personal life satisfaction.