Supercharge Your Energy with Five Secret Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites

Mend Your Body, Bend Your Mind – Yoga &The Five Rites Tibetan Rejuvenation Secrets

It goes without saying that many of us are like very rigid containers. We are stiff, to put it mildly. When we are so restricted, our quality of life takes the backseat. Yoga can help bring your life back on track, gently.

By Rajgopal Nidamboor

Those who practice yoga regularly are so flexible that you think they are amorphous.

Interestingly though, some of them, at times, become mentally and emotionally ill-at-ease. This is mainly due to fascial limitations that rob the relaxed nature in you and lead you to areas of feeling and consciousness that are off-limits.

Fascia is a complex of connective tissue casing that surrounds and envelopes the muscles.

To highlight an example — a collapsed, closed chest protects the heart from harm; in so doing, it can shut off communication and compassionate exchange too. In the course of time the bones, which are dynamic and continually reforming themselves, “remodel” around the position we have established.

You look rigid.

This may be self-created — to an extent. Sometimes more; sometimes less.

Free Yourself

Yoga is an all-inclusive and graceful approach to freeing yourself from such a trap.

If you are the do-alone type, take a yoga class. If you are already into the practice, forget about the guidebook, and get down to ground realities.

Remember — yoga works slowly and gently. It is only when you slowly move a little beyond each time into the asanas can you stretch your fascial planes bit-by-bit. This will, in turn, expand your range of physical positions that you can get into. You will gradually find yourself walking differently, and moving more comfortably and freely.

It also suggests that you have not only expanded on your range of mental and emotional spaces you entered, but also achieved relaxed control in the activity.

The same idea holds good for meditation. If you are able to sit for meditation and have the flexibility to move your mind into new places of your consciousness, it denotes that you are in tune with yourself. If not, you only express “blocked-out” memories.

Remember — if the body cannot move freely, the mind cannot either.

Loosen Up, Lightly

It is only through the consistent use of a few basic yoga postures you will be able to loosen your physical and mental limitations, and open up new possibilities in either plane.

The best thing to do is to introduce an abridged routine — maybe, a bend forwards, a bend backwards, and a twist. After you go through the practice, lie down quietly and observe the effects of each posture.

This ain’t all. It is also said that the positions that are most difficult to practice provide the best recompense — mainly because the tightest limitations are hiding the most!

It is, therefore, imperative for each one of us to understand that the fundamental nature of yoga, or any other exercise, is dual. One, it helps you to bounce back from your limits, opening new experiences. Two, it helps you reconnect to the spark of openness and being alive fully.

The more you use your yoga exercise sessions as a time for exploring yourself, the better effects you will experience.

However, for all this to happen, you need to bear in mind yoga’s cardinal principle — you should be attentive to your mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Are the Five Rites the Fountain of Youth Sought by Ponce deLeon?

To have fun with your health while energizing yourself into a live wire you may want to do research on The Five Tibetan Rites and add varioius books and DVD’s to your health library.

The Five Rites contains five easy-to-do exercises that will give you more energy and help you feel better than
you’ve felt in years. The original book, The Eye of Revelation, was written over seventy years ago by Peter Kelder. Now you can find modern versions that teach this most beneficial self-help technique. The Five Tibetan Rites are designed to
help you gain the best health and vibrant energy since your youthful teen years.

The Five Rites produce remarkable mental and physical rejuvenation within only a month’s time. Many say they feel new hope and enthusiasm for life. After the third month, around the tenth week another huge leap takes place which many feel is almost miraculous.

In the original text, The Eye of Revelation the Five Rites were strictly confined to men for over twenty-five centuries. Now women are joining in and also creating beneficial
and amazing results. Now, after this long period of waiting every adult, man or woman, can go on to grand and glorious
things, regardless of age, environment or circumstances.

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