Can We Talk? The Effects of Throat Chakra Acceleration

The Effects of Throat Chakra Acceleration

Can we talk? Learn about the throat chakra and the effects that spiritual acceleration may have on your body.

The following article is an excerpt from the book Moon Lodge Visions.

Beginning in 1997, communications began to get very direct for those of us in Circle One. For Circle Two, this throat
chakra acceleration began in 2001.

It may not always feel good to speak your truth, particularly when someone else doesn’t want to hear it, but it
is ultimately healing. Bluntness will be more and more in order, with less time to be endlessly tactful. Tough love
is more than just recovery terminology,it is absolutely necessary, at certain times and in certain situations.

You are reaching the point, if you walk the Spirit way, that you can pick up what people are thinking and feeling,
no matter what they might be saying. This kind of knowing makes it quite difficult to pretend that something else
is true. As the Spirit Web of communication gets stronger and stronger, there will truly be no hidden things. Some
may temporarily find themselves saying things that they had no intention of saying out loud. Spirit will put words
in the mouths of those who may be too meek to speak directly, as a way of accelerating the throat chakra energies.

Due to the need for direct communication, throat chakra openings began to increase dramatically in 1997, with another
large influx of energies at the beginning of 2001.

For those who have habitually edited their words, or who never learned to express fully, the opening of this particular
chakra in what is definitely an unprecedented way, can be quite dramatic. The energy can reach a level where you
feel as if you are actually choking to death. Persistent coughing and hacking may be comically (or infuriatingly)
common for a while.

Notice what you are talking about when the coughing attack begins, or what the other person was about to say. It
can be very revealing information. Unfortunately, those who are most resistant to honest expression may develop throat
cancer, goiter, or other serious problems. I hope the increase of these serious conditions will be minimized by awareness.

Every healer should work closely in the throat area with Partners-in-Healing. If you are on the Spirit Path and
a member of Circle One, 1997 ushered in a time of new communication challenges, the channeling of higher vibrational
frequencies (entities, guides, etc.), and increased use of sound as medicine. We will be integrating these new energies
in the coming years.

On a personal level, use toning, primal screaming, and Full-Cycle breathing on a daily basis, to facilitate your
own journey into higher levels. Calling on appropriate animal totems is another way to facilitate throat chakra opening
,the elephant is a great totem for throat work, with it’s powerful sound and ancient wisdom.

You may find elephant coming to you in visions or dreams, or another animal helper (giraffe, perhaps, for obvious
reasons) will make itself available to assist. Just as was true for Circle One in 1997, the Circle Two throat chakra
acceleration energies which began coming in around January of 2001 continue to be hard on the unopened throat, in
general, but particularly stressful for those who find it most difficult to communicate about their feelings or their

Excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook.