Three Signs It’s Time To Go To Rehab

There are hundreds of millions of people around the world that need some form of treatment for an addiction, so don’t be surprised that one of those people might be you. What, you’re not from a poor background or you rarely get “blind drunk”? That doesn’t matter, addiction can get anyone and impact people in all manner of ways.

But how do you know you are suffering? And how do you know it could be time to get yourself checked out, and checked in to a rehab center?

Treatment centers such as Primrose Lodge ( have long seen the same old signs when it comes to people suffering from addiction, and the brand has released its top three signs that it may be time to start thinking about rehab…

You’re suffering from health problems due to alcohol or drug use

First and foremost, if you’re suffering from health problems due to the amount of a substance you are consuming then it’s a pretty conclusive tell-tale sign that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and you are abusing that substance.

It can take time to notice these health problems and you may not recognize them immediately, but if you start to notice then the body is certainly warning you that you have a problem.

Friendships and relationships are becoming difficult

Relationships with both friends and partners can become strained over time if you’re continually abusing a substance and it can create serious tension between you and them. The chemicals within drugs and alcohol can alter your state of mind and encourage you to be more erratic in your behavior which can lead to arguments, fallings out, and even violence.

Ask yourself, is it you that is causing that, or the substances within your body?

If it’s the latter, which there’s every chance that it might be, then it’s time to take action. Difficult relationships can become non-existent relationships and addiction has caused many breakups and isolation from friendship groups that ultimately can never be repaired. Don’t leave it too late. 

Valuing alcohol or drugs over other interests

If you are finding drinking or taking drugs more interesting than anything else then you have a problem and rehab could be the best place for you. It’s at this point you’ve perhaps reached a crisis point, where you’re giving up hobbies, time with friends or different aspects of your relationship to go drinking or taking drugs instead. Prioritizing those is not the way forward and is going to lead to an unhealthy and unhappy life that could spiral out of control.

It will leave others behind, as well as things such as your career, and could see every element of your life suffer because your addiction is your number one priority. You see many people only realize this when all they are left with is drugs or alcohol. And it’s a very lonely existence. If you are prioritizing substances, it’s time to make addiction recovery your number one priority…