Thinking of buying from a CBD online store? See these latest suggestions

Weekly health shopping selection: These best-selling certified CBD cannabidiol products might be worth buying

Given the rising number of CBD products available in the US and globally, it is good to do your homework before ordering these products online. This is mainly to ensure that the products are reliable, received good reviews – and passed stringent quality requirements during 3rd party lab testing.

Today, given that the industry is so new and folks may not fully appreciate the risks associated with buying lower quality products, we thought it is worth tipping 5 products from a reliable CBD retailer with consistently great consumer reviews: The CBD online store. According to the company, they only sell products that staff sampled themselves and will only stock up on lab certified products.

5 Best-selling CBD products:

The 1000MG CBD Pen from Elixinol:

Considering the various delivery systems available, this is a rather unique system for several reasons. Stored in a vacuum, it gives the product complete protection from bacteria and air. It is great for measurement as it delivers precise servings of 15MG for each click. Since the device can be locked with a twist, it prevents leaking of this highly valuable substance. This type of storage helps to extend the shelf life of the product and is generally more hygienic as it is easy to keep clean: remember oil can be sticky – so this design helps a lot.

1000mg CBD Hemp Oil Liposome – Citrus Twist Flavor:

A thick and sticky oil is always better as it can easily be absorbed into the cells after penetrating cell walls: this is exactly what this Elixinol product will do. Lipsome technology is quite revolutionary in the CBD industry – and this product, can be sprayed under your tongue or even mixed into another drink, for example water or a juice.

3600MG Elixinol CBD tinctures: Something a bit more potent:

As you take CBD over time, the body may become used to it – and a stronger product may be required to continue experiencing the same benefits. A lot of Doctors who recommend stronger CBD from the start, prefer to recommend the 3600MG tincture. This product can be purchased in “Cinnamint” or in a natural flavour. Remember, not everyone loves the taste of natural CBD, which is why a bit of flavour may be better for you.

Extra Strength CBD Topical Cream – 250mg Hemp Oil Balm

The surprizing popularity of CBD as a treatment for chronic pain is due to the fact that it is non-addictive and is often considered as a better alternative to opioids, which causes big challenges in the world. The most popular way of treating pain is to apply a strong CBD topical cream near the affected area, as directed by your Doctor. This Elixinol product is a best-seller. It is natural and free from petrochemicals – 100% plant based. Besides treating pain it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory treatment.

CBD Capsules – Hemp Oil Capsules

Not everyone likes a tincture that can be absorbed into the bloodstream orally. Some people prefer swallowing capsules orally so that the substance is ingested in the stomach area. In cases where CBD is consumed alongside other daily vitamins – capsules are also quite convenient. The capsules contain 15MG of CBD, with 375MG of full spectrum hemp oil. The potency of these capsules are generally higher than that of tinctures.

More on CBD cannabidiol:

It is easy to see why people are running away with the story of CBD, calling it a miracle cure. This is because it treats a rather wide range of illnesses. After it earned the backing of the US congress, through the New Farm Bill, CBD hemp products became largely legal in most states and more intense focus on health benefits became a new trend.  

The uses of CBD oil are well supported by academic research, which is growing in this sector. For example, it acts with neurotransmitters in the body, rendering it suitable to treat pain. Another case is that of mental disorders like anxiety and especially depression – as research suggests.  It is now also fast becoming a serious contender in the area of cancer treatment. This is off course a non-exhaustive list of issues being treated: imagine that apparently more than 6 million Americans already take CBD to improve overall wellness – and this only became legal a few months ago.

Right now, a key emerging issue is organic farming and ensuring that CBD is delivered free of pesticides and the connection between very cheap CBD and countries where the product may have been compromised. Stay tuned as we discuss more amazing US-based CBD client.

On issues like THC and product safety:

Lately, there has been a consistent drive by CBD companies to explore zero THC products. Whereas some consumers still prefer items within the 0.03% THC limit – passing drug tests on a ZERO THC product is a key consideration for athletes. A more important issue to watch is pesticides and contamination. According to NBC New York: “One sample we purchased from CBDistillery contained one pesticide that exceeds California’s acceptable standards. A company spokesperson told NBC 4 New York that the batch in question was tested by an accredited third party lab and the amounts of pesticides detected passed that laboratory standards”.

About The CBD Online store:

It is an online retailer of CBD, focusing intensely on high quality products that are certified and sampled by it’s own teams. Read more about the company here.

About Elixinol:

It is one of the largest professional manufacturers of CBD hemp oil products in the US. It has an established supply chain, great data on product certification, with a clean track record on CBD product safety. The company also received certification from the US Hemp Authority.