Eating Foods That Make You Thin Vs Those That Make You Fat

Loaf of Bread and Whole Grains

Right now we are looking at food revolutions, like the Tim Noakes ketogenic diet, which you should seriously consider.

The saying goes, “You are what you eat.” It doesn’t say, “You are what you don’t eat.” That is because health, nutrition, and yes, dieting are as much about what you do eat than what you don’t eat.

Yes, there are some foods that are sure to make you fat. But did you know there are many more foods that work with your body to make you thin? Many of these foods allow you to eat your fill and then some everyday without you having to worry about gaining weight.

While eating these good foods you will begin reducing the amount of—or eliminating entirely—the food choices that are the worst. By continuing to add these good foods that support weight-loss to your shopping list and incorporating them into your lifestyle diet, you can achieve lasting weight loss success.

Begin Eliminating Foods on the Don’t List

Many of us have a sense of the foods on the “Don’t” list. Other items on this list may surprise you because they can be camouflaged with great marketing tactics.

The foods to avoid are as follows:

Blocks of ChocolateSimple Sugar: This is your store-bought, shrink-wrapped kind of “treat.” This includes the snack cakes and candy bars that provide zero nutritional value and are packed with refined white sugar and other versions of sweeteners that spike blood sugar, only to leave you feeling deflated soon after consuming them. Simple sugar lacks complexity and really adds on the pounds. To learn more about, we recommend you watch the Sweet Fire DVD, an educational experience you are not likely to ever forget.

White Flour: This is the stuff that is bleached to make it white. What does this bleaching process do? Well, it removes all the nutrients, so processors have to “enrich” it with vitamins to make it resemble a food. By doing this, it has the same basic effect on the body as white sugar. Also, at one time iodine was put into our bakery products which helped the body a great deal. Now that iodine is removed, bakery goods and some flours often contain a “dough conditioner”  that is called potassium bromate. Products with white flour can contribute to bomine toxicity and taxing of the thyroid. Not only that, white flour can contribute greatly to making you fat.

Milk: Cow’s milk is for cows. Human babies should have human milk until they are at least a year old, and then they no longer have a need for milk. Milk is thought to be nutritious because of the calcium and vitamin D—which, by the way, is added when they fortify it. The nutritious qualities of milk are not enough to outweigh the fact that many people have some degree of lactose intolerance without even realizing it. The nutrients found in dairy products are there because of what the cows consume: leafy greens!

By just deleting these three foods, you will notice quite a difference in your body.

Foods to Curb the Appetite and Make You Thin

Here is the “Do” list. Adding these foods to your diet will help you curb your appetite naturally, as you will feel much more satisfied for a longer period of time and you will speed up your metabolism.

Loaf of Bread and Whole GrainsWhole Grains: Wheat, oats, and barley are forms of whole grains. The problem is that processing done to store-bought foods usually alters the grain. As the market demand for more nutritious choices is growing in popularity, more foods contain ingredients in their whole form. Many breads even offer sprouted grains or are made “flourless.” Look for food labels that list “whole wheat flour” instead of just “wheat flour.” And, even better yet, the closer to the whole form, the more fiber which is also beneficial for colon health. So, the difference is in how in-tact the grain is in the finish food. Also, there are many great whole grains that also contain good protein, and many without gluten for those who are gluten sensitive.

Complex Carbohydrates: Begin by replacing the “Don’t” foods with a wonderful variety of the good kinds of carbohydrates. High fiber fruits should be one of your top carbohydrate sources. These include blueberries, grapes, and strawberries. The fiber and antioxidant properties of these foods help boost the immune system. They will also satisfy the craving for sweets, making it less likely that you will turn to the snack foods. There are many other wonderful fruits, like the pomegranate. Begin exploring and you will find foods that can also be like a good friend you want to have around all the time.

Glass of Water and JugWater: Drink water! Plain and simple. It cannot be emphasized enough that water is one of the easiest ways to aid in weight loss. And it is so essential to good health. The lack of enough water will eventually kill you. Slow and sustained dehydration that results in a break down of organ tissue is the prognosis of not drinking enough water. The positive effects of plenty of water are that it builds muscle tissue, which then increases metabolism. Water also does another very important function. It also rids the body of toxins that can result from eating too much protein or other unhealthy foods. If you drink 2 quarts of water every day, you will go a long way in achieving long-term weight loss. If you find you don’t like to drink plain water, add a slice of lemon or lime, and/or a dash of flavored stevia extract.

Yes, its true . . . the dos and don’ts of dieting will always be debated by the fads and trendy diets of the day. But, sound nutrition and moderation when it comes to eating sugar, white flour, and dairy has to be applied for long term success.

Thank you to Joel Kaye, who holds a Masters Degree in Physical Health Education and currently teaches at the prestigious New York University’s Coles Sports Center On Weight Management, Nutrition And Exercise And Cancer Wellness.

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