Breast Thermography in Medicine and Herbal Breast Enhancement

Safe and Accurate, Radiation Free Breast Cancer Detection: Women’s
Health Thermograms

Did you know that Thermography in medicine provides a completely new way to detect breast cancer?

It is a method
that is safe, effective, non invasive, and very accurate. Also, the thermography cost is very affordable. You will
find the procedure is quite simple and best of all, it is a non contact method, for the breasts are not touched,
squeezed, or compressed, so there is no discomfort involved.

No longer do women have to subject themselves to the pain and toxic effects of radiation from a mammogram. Health
professionals know that a mammogram cannot detect breast cancer at the earliest stages yet they are still widely
used even though they subject the client with potential carcinogenic effects due to their radiation.

By choosing
thermal imaging, you will be able to have a safe procedure and detect suspect cells much earlier. This is because
in the exam cancerous cells appear much warmer than normal cells. This means the infrared camera records the heat
emission from your body and these cells show themselves. In fact, they can be identified up to ten years before
a cancerous tumor has ever formed giving you time to detect suspect areas. It also allows time for wise and healthy
interventions should you need treatment. A follow up breast thermography will help you see improvements to your
breast tissue in a few months time and your health practitioner will also have plenty of time to prescribe a treatment
to bring cells back into balance before they have a chance to turn cancerous.

With a little investigating, you can find a resource in your area that offers this state of the art procedure. Women
who want to take advantage of the earliest possible detection of breast disease will find this procedure will give
them the peace of mind they deserve. Actually, for all age groups, this is the best form of detection.

This makes you wonder why medical thermograms are not more readily available. Did you know that the AMA and American
Cancer Society have yet to promote the use of thermal imaging? In the 1970’s when radiologists began examining infrared
thermography, mammograms were their only criteria to measure their accuracy. If a thermogram showed positive findings
and the mammogram did not, it was assumed that the thermal result was incorrect. Over the next 10 years, however,
results proved that the women did eventually have cancer, and the initial breast thermography exam had correctly
identified the suspect cells years before it could have been detected by other means. This is why the thermogram
was not adopted by early researches, and the US subsequently invested in mammography technology.

But, now you have a choice. Health care providers who are sensitive to women’s’ health issues are stepping up and
providing this safe, and highly effective breast thermography exam for their clients. It is a relief to know when
the first sign of a developing cancer is found with this procedure there is a 61 percent increase in survival rate.
And even earlier detection of suspect cells increases these odds because preventative care can most often prevent
cancer. Fear and suffering can be greatly reduced and in many cases, even eliminated. We highly recommend that when
it comes time for your next breast exam that you request medical thermography for the reasons stated.

Creating Healthy Breasts – Breast Enhancement with Herbs
I had my first Thermography done last
year and was so grateful that I did. I had some suspectful areas that were on their way to turning cancerous had
I not addressed them. I also had severe fibroids. My health practitioner was wonderful. She checked my nutritional
supplements, and prescribed nutritional support, and also Definition Cream. I went
back for a check up six months later. My fibroids had amazing improved, and the suspectful areas had also.
I kept my treatment plan up for another six months and went back again. This time, no fibroids or suspectful
areas! And on top of it, my breasts are now much healthier, firmer, and shapelier! I am so happy that I did
not subject myself to a mammogram and went this route instead. –Sandy