The Wave by The FIRM Review

The FIRM has been known for their innovative fitness products for decades.

They guarantee you’ll see visible results in 10 FIRM workouts and have a plethora of success stories to prove their products really work.

Their innovative products include classics like The FIRM step, The FIRM weights, and The FIRM ball really work.

FIRM Wave Studio History

The original FIRM Studio opened in South Carolina in 1979.

Their innovative FIRM sculpting system of combining aerobics and weight training allowed clients to burn fat and build muscle safely, effectively, and quickly.

This revolutionary approach to exercise, dubbed Synergy Training, raises metabolism by building lean and sexy muscle. The true magic of muscle is that it burns fat fast.

Fast Weight Loss Fitness Program

The Wave Firm ReviewPeople seeking fast weight loss and fitness are in luck again, as The FIRM Wave has hit the market.

The Wave is a sturdy, lightweight curve that has two functional sides. The anchored side is an innovative step targeting muscle like no other piece of fitness equipment.

The curved side is a rocker that engages all your muscles and your core at once.

FIRM Wave Sculpting and Slimming Exercise DVDs

Woman Measures WaistThe Firm Wave gym is accompanied by a sculpting band and five FIRM exercise DVDs. The Ride The Wave DVD has everything you need for maximum results.

The Speed Slimming DVD is a targeted super sculpting workout. You’ll build lean muscle, rev up your metabolism, and burn body fat fast.

The Rock It Off DVD is the ultimate fat burning workout and loads of fun.

For those who want to tone those Abs, the Express Abs builds core strength and gets you the flat, sexy stomach you want.

Adding the FIRM Diet

The FIRM Wave is a sculpting system for quick and healthy weight loss. The FIRM diet is unlike other weight loss plans.

With the 30 Day Mix -n-Match meal plan you’ll eat delicious foods available in any grocery store. So you are able to keep your focus without worrying about purchasing hard to create meals.

FIRM Wave Weight Loss System

Journal With Orange and Measuring TapeThe FIRM weight loss success guide explains the program step by step, and it’s full of easy to follow weight loss tips. The FIRM’s website offers more weight loss help with The FIRM club. You’ll find motivation, coaching, support from The FIRM instructors, live chat, and bulletin boards to help you stay on track.

Many people turn to weight loss pills like Ephredra and other dangerous weight loss products for rapid weight loss and eventually suffer the consequences. The FIRM Wave is designed for safe weight loss and it’s guaranteed to work fast.

And best of all, it’s fun! Get The FIRM body you want and deserve when you get with The Wave.