The Vitamin D Solution: Learn About Deficiency, Causes, Symptoms & Risks

What laymen (or even a trained medical professional) would have bet that the deficiency of one common vitamin could plague the modern world today?

With all the awe-inspiring medical breakthroughs and technology one would imagine that we had the Vitamin D problem well taken care of by now.

However, Dr. Michael Holick proposes a groundbreaking theory that much of human disease and pain is a result of the lack of this vital nutrient as discussed in his book “The Vitamin D Solution.”

In this amazing, eye opening look at the role of Vitamin D in our lives both today and throughout history, Dr. Holick takes the reader step-by-step, with easy to understand words for grasping a true understanding of the important and extremely vital role Vitamin D plays in our lives.

Countries with Less have More Vitamin D

Vitamin D from the SunDiscover why most of the Western world is deficient in Vitamin D despite our access to the best medical care in the world as well as the healthiest nutritional choices.

Compare our lack of Vitamin D to the normal levels of Vitamin D found in most people living near the equator (who work in traditional roles outside) and how they will outlive Westerners with less health issues from a very early age.

In The Vitamin D Solution, Holick dares to assert what most in the medical field may not even understand. The glorious sun has a significant impact on our well being and health in every imaginable way.

And it may not be what you’re thinking or what we’ve been traditionally taught over the last few decades—to fear the sun.

The sun is responsible for 90 to 95% of the Vitamin D produced in our bodies. Stop your sun exposure and you’re running the risk of a Vitamin D deficiency if not insuring it.

Will Vitamin D Free You of Aches and Pains?

The Vitamin D Solution is a must read for all who want to live a healthy, long, and fulfilled life today.

From common aches and pains to multiple sclerosis and cancer research has shown that the lack of Vitamin D has a huge impact on disease, life, and death in the Western world. Sadly most of us aren’t even minimally aware of it.

In this thirteen chapter, almost 300 page hardback book, Holick teaches the reader all about Vitamin D. Through thorough study, that he’s able to make interesting and attention keeping, Holick lays out clearly the vital role that this largely ignored vitamin (that’s actually a hormone as you’ll learn within these information rich pages) plays in our health.

This book doesn’t just tell you about Vitamin D either. In his laid back, down to earth style Holick gives you an inside look into case studies on both humans and animals involving the miraculous healing powers of Vitamin D and then teaches you exactly what to do.

A Step-by-Step Vitamin D Guide

As I review books the ones that give information but simply end there are not my favorites. After all, who wants to be convinced to take action and then have to figure out the confusing steps to take?

In The Vitamin D Solution this isn’t the case. In fact, part of the second half of the title is A 3-Step Strategy to Cure Our Most Common Health Problem.

And Holick delivers an easy to grasp and follow plan to get your fair share of Vitamin D without, yes let me state that again, without suffering damage or health issues from the sun. In fact Holick will teach you how to utilize the goodness of this life giving light in your daily life. It’s free and easy to use.

The dedication that Holick has to this cause of helping society heal its ills from the deficiency of Vitamin D is obvious and comforting.

He goes on within the pages of The Vitamin D Solution to providing a Q and A chapter and even urging the reader to post any questions he may have missed on his website and he’ll answer them.

A Rich History of Vitamin D Research

The Vitamin D Solution BookcoverHolick’s expertise on this subject is vast and deep. In fact as a student at the University of Wisconsin his research led to the discovery of isolating and identifying the major circulating form of Vitamin D in the body and the active form produced by the kidneys.

After this amazing breakthrough Holick’s interest in and study of life-giving Vitamin D continued and what his years of research has revealed is told in the pages of The Vitamin D Solution for you and I to understand. He’s surely the world’s leading expert on this topic and a trusted authority.

If you’ve been suffering from health issues that have yet to be effectively treated, or if you simply want to be certain you’re doing all you can for yourself and loved ones to live a healthy, abundant life well into the future, Holick’s health book is a must read.

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Vitamin D Video Discusses Diseases Related to Sunshine Vitamin Deficiency

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A Three Step Action PlanIf you are like us, you will want to pick up a copy of Dr. Michael Holick’s newly released health book. Not only is it a wonderful reference book, but the section: “A 3-Step Strategy to Cure Our Most Common Health Problems” is very well written and provides direction for you and your loved ones.

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