The top 6 teas for weight loss

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Most of us drink tea daily. Plus, it’s easy to make – just pour hot water onto some tea leaves and then allow it too steep for around five to eight minutes, so that the flavor and infuse into the water.

Normally tea is made of the leave of the Camellia sinensis plant. This plant originates from Asia.

Nonetheless, tea offers drinkers a package full of health benefits, and this includes protecting cells from damage and reducing the risk of heart problems.

What researchers also have found is that some teas offer better slimming and decreasing body fat than others. In this article, the focus will be on that, which teas deliver the most fat reducing benefits compared to others.

1. Green tea

A well-known tea, green tea, is related with numerous health benefits. But this tea is also the most effective tea for weight loss. In fact, the research projects have indicated that this tea is effective as reducing body fat and weight. This means that the tea can be drunk, or the green tea extract or even matcha (the green tea powder) can be taken, as the same effective results will occur. The success of green tea extract is, since it is particularly high in catechins, naturally occurring antioxidants that could boost your metabolism and increase fat burning.

2. Puerh tea

Puerh tea, or pu’er or pu-erh tea, is a type of Chinese black tea, which has been fermented.

This tea is normally drank after a meal. But it has many health benefits, such as helping to reduce blood sugar levels, and blood triglycerides. Plus, this tea is also effective at helping people to lose some weight, this since this tea has an anti-obesity effect and helped suppress weight gain.

3. Black tea

Black tea is a kind of tea that has endured added oxidation than other types of teas like green teas or even white or oolong teas. Oxidation is a chemical reaction, which occurs when the tea leaves are left bare to the air. This action consequentially in browning that causes the characteristic dark color of black tea.

Examples of black teas are Grey and English breakfast teas. These are also blends of black teas.

Nonetheless, black tea is effective when it comes to weight control. You can reduce your waistline with drinking this black tea regularly. The possible reason why this tea is so effective is since it has flavones, a type of plant pigment with antioxidant properties.

4. Oolong tea

The traditional Chinese tea, oolong tea, has been partially been oxidized. This means that this tea is somewhere between green tea and black tea in terms of oxidation and color. This type of tea has a fruity, fragrant aroma, as well a unique flavor, although all of these can differ considerably subject to the level of oxidation.

But oolong tea could enhance weight loss by successfully burn fat, but it can also speed up the metabolism.

5. White tea

White tea, unlike other type of teas, are minimally processed and harvested while the tea-plant is still very young. This tea also has a distinct flavor very unlike from other kinds of tea. White tea has a subtle, delicate and slightly sweet taste.

The benefits of this type of tea range from improving oral health to killing cancer cells in certain test-tube studies.

In addition, green tea and white tea have comparable quantities of catechins that could aid to enhance weight loss.

6. Herbal tea

Herbal teas have an infusion of spices, herbs, and fruits in hot water. These type of teas differ from traditional teas for the reason that they do not characteristically contain caffeine, and are not made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis.

Prevalent herbal tea types are for instance rooibos tea, rosehip teas, ginger tea, and hibiscus tea.

In general, it was found irrespective from which source, these type of teas were good to reduce weight and lead to fat loss. This since the teas helped normalizing hormone levels.

For instance, the South African tea rooibos tea, which comes from a finebos in the Western Cape, is a type of herbal tea that may be particularly effective when it comes to burning fat. This since this tea increases fat metabolism and helps block the formation of fat cells.

The main conclusion

Most people drink tea as a refreshing beverage, and to stay hydrated. But there is more than just something that taste good and have a soothing quality. Teas can replace high calorie drinks like sodas and fruit juices, thereby reducing your overall calorie intake. This can lead to weight loss.

But teas can also help to increase weight loss by blocking fat cell formation.

Some teas have beneficial compounds like flavones and catechins, which could aid in weight loss as well.