The Secret Critical Podcast

Have you watched “The Secret” movie DVD by Rhonda Byrne or read our in depth review?

Bob Doyle of Wealth Beyond Reason was one of the people interviewed in the movie. Recently, he responded to some of the questions and objections that are critical of The Secret with a podcast.

Ideas surrounding The Law of Attraction can be quite controversial, and in a recent video he addressed a number of popular misconceptions and concerns. Bob shares that he, like many of us, started out as a skeptic. But after years of study and practice, he “got it.” For him, the subject is real and provides practical tools he uses in his everyday living.

Here are some of the most common questions he receives after people view The Secret:

Is attraction and abundance only about money, cars, homes, etc? Is it all about greed and materialism?

He shares that although we can attract those types of objects, he sees them all as byproducts of success, however a person defines success. For Bob, abundance is about having the freedom to do what you want when you want. Whether a person wants to manifest material objects is simply a measure of their individual value system (what they hold to be as important).

Does like attract like? Do we get more of what we focus on?

Like Attracts Like

Bob feels that both of the notions above are over-simplifications, since there are many obvious counter-examples, like opposite ends of magnets attracting each other (“opposites attract”) and two people who seem to be completely different having a great relationship. He shares in the video that attraction is about “vibrational resonance,” which he feels goes beyond the more shallow forms of new age thought and is grounded in the advanced concepts of quantum physics.

Are you saying we should be happy all of the time? Is it best to only experience positive emotions?

He shares that the wide array of humans emotions–including so-called “negative emotions”–are a natural part of life. His Wealth Beyond Reason course provides tools to “interact with and neutralize” negative feels in order to help create abundance. He believes that what stops most of us is self-imposed “resistance,” made up of limiting beliefs about who we are, what we’re capable of, what we deserve, etc.

Are the laws of abundance a magical genie in a bottle? Can we just ask for what we want and never have to do any work to achieve our goals?

Bob feels that manifesting our dreams in life can be fun and that, yes, sometimes results can happen so quickly that they seem miraculous. That said, his experience is that most often when we employ the tools to create abundance, “The Universe” provides us with ideas. It’s then up to us to roll up our sleeves and take action on those ideas. Still, he shares that we don’t have to figure everything out and that life doesn’t have to be hard; that creating can be fun and doesn’t always have to be a struggle.


Bob Doyle of Wealth Beyond Reason and The Secret Podcast Critical Response