The Raw Food Revolution – Coming To A Body Near You!

Sometimes the words “raw food” put people off eating the best food on the planet. Why is that? To me, the word “raw” used to conjure up images of raw meat – and who wants to eat raw meat, really? While running my food dehydrating website and visiting my site host’s forum, I came across Andrew Perlot. His website and his lifestyle is all about “raw food.” I immediately thought “ugh” but my curiosity was piqued. After spending a couple of hours on his site, I could see the merits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

So why don’t we eat more of nature’s fresh food bounty? Is it because we’ve become lazy? Is it due to tempting TV ads touting processed food? It’s a resounding YES! It’s not hard to peel oranges. It’s not hard to make a salad. In fact, you’ll be saving on your electric bill! How’s that? Eating a delicious diet of fresh fruits and veggies means you never have to use the oven or cooktop!

No More Energy-Sapping Headaches

After a couple of days dining on raw food, my headaches disappeared. I certainly was more alert. That’s due to the brain receiving the proper nourishment: glucose. People forget that the body needs the right kind of sugars for optimum performance – mentally and physically. The sugars in ice cream and chocolate are not the same sugars found in awesome apples, bananas, etc.

No More Excruciating Stomach Ulcer Pains

About a decade ago, I ingested a “bad” burger and ended up with a stomach ulcer from the burger having been contaminated with H-pylori (helicobacter pylori). I suffered for years. After taking up a diet of fresh fruits and veggies, I realized that those stupendous pains from my stomach ulcer had completely gone! Yes, raw food is that powerful. I have had no problems with ulcer pains since.

I wrote a book about my experience called “The Amazing Un-Processed Raw Food Diet” – after only thirty days on “the diet,” I’d dropped ten pounds. Two months into my lifestyle change, I was down to a healthy weight and was a happy 14 pounds lighter. It was an amazing experience and one I love to share with people who are suffering with digestive issues. There’s no need to put up with colitis – simply clean up your diet – eat fruit and veggies that are chock- full of fiber. Put an end to your celiac disease (fruits and veggies have no gluten). Ward off devastating diverticulitis by eating wholesome foods.

Eat More at Breakfast, Less at Dinner To help your stomach process food, eat more at breakfast. It’s called “breakfast” for a reason – we break our overnight fast. Feed the brain the proper glucose it needs to start the day and fully-function – and look out! Breakfast smoothies fit the bill. Have a huge healthy salad for lunch. Snack the remainder of the day on your favorite fruits: watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, apples, kiwis, strawberries, pears, plums … it’s a never-ending buffet available to those who wish to live a healthier life.


Susan was born in northern England but left the UK with her family in 1980 for warmer climes and less taxes. She lives in Central Florida with her husband, along with an adopted Miniature Pinscher who pretty much runs the household. You will find Susan glued to her office chair pretty much 24-7, pecking away on the keyboard in total bliss. From there she runs her Easy Food Dehydrating site and creates eBooks and video courses for the Udemy platform.

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