The Importance of Oral Cancer Screenings For Good Health

You’ve probably heard it so many times, but it won’t hurt to hear it again – dental hygiene is
essential for your overall health and wellbeing. Regular visits to the dentists may not be enjoyable,
but they are necessary to prevent any potential dental problems.

While having a toothache can be a very painful and unpleasant experience, oral cancer is on a whole
other level. We recommend that you use one of your next visits to the dentist to schedule an oral
cancer screening to see if there are any symptoms or signs of mouth cancer.

The earlier you detect any of the signs, the more successful the treatment will be. With that in mind,
here’s what you should know about oral cancer screenings and their increasing importance for
staying healthy.

How Oral Cancer Screening Helps Take Care of Your Health

The most important reason why oral cancer screening matters is because it helps take care of your
health by identifying any potential signs, symptoms, and risks of mouth cancer. Its biggest advantage
is that it allows patients to detect any potential health issues early on, making the treatment much
more successful.

Patients have much better chances of successful treatment if they act early and identify mouth
cancer. The best way to check your oral hygiene is to consult a dental health professional or a
dentist. In about 84% of cases, these professionals managed to diagnose oral cancer early.

Oral cancer screening refers to a physical examination of your mouth, jaw, neck, and face for any
abnormalities, lumps, and so on. Dental health professionals also examine other areas around your
mouth for any sores or discoloration or any other irregularity that could point to ongoing
inflammation, infection, disease, etc.

If the screening detects any form of irregularity or abnormality in your mouth, the sample is taken
and sent to a lab for further testing.

Factors That Increase the Risk of Oral Cancer

Certain risk factors increase the risk of getting oral cancer, and they include:

● Excessive sun exposure
● Unhealthy diet
● Gender
● Heavy alcohol consumption

● Smoking and tobacco use
● Age

These risks are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other risks out there, but we can safely say
that these are some of the most important ones. There are also cases where patients have been
diagnosed with oral cancer even though they didn’t have any of the risk factors.

Because of that, getting regular oral cancer screenings can ensure getting a well-deserved peace of
mind knowing that your mouth is healthy. We talked to the oral cancer screening experts in Austin
about the importance of doing regular screenings. According to them, the importance of screening
can be seen in its potential to save your life.

“Oral cancer screenings are especially important if you have an increased risk of developing the disease due to factors like tobacco and alcohol use, HPV infection, or a weakened/compromised immune system,” says Enamel Dentistry, a clinic that specializes in oral cancer screenings in Austin, TX.”

Considering all the information here, the best practice is to regularly visit your dentist, do normal oral exams, practice good oral hygiene, and increase your chances of receiving adequate treatment in the worst-case scenario. 

If you have oral cancer, you can always try alternative medicine and products from the cannabis health industry that have potential benefits to help cancer patients get pain relief, but it’s much better to avoid the risk of getting oral cancer by practicing regular oral cancer screenings.

Schedule Your Screening Today

Your oral cancer screenings aren’t something you should wait on. Time is of the utmost importance
here – the sooner you detect any health issues, the easier it is to fix them by receiving adequate

Oral cancer screening is a painless, quick, and simple procedure that can help you determine your
oral health. Not all oral abnormalities and imperfections are associated with cancerous disease.
In other words, there’s no need to worry without a good reason. It’s better to clearly determine
whether you have some oral health issues or not to have peace of mind. If the results come back as
positive, it’s crucial to take proper action and precautions as early as possible to prevent your
condition from deteriorating any further.



Oral cancer screenings should become a regular part of your dental hygiene and oral care. They
aren’t invasive or painful and are meant to help you improve your health and wellbeing. If you do
have anything to worry about, you’ll be referred to a trusted oncology specialist who will take it from
there and provide you with everything you need to cure the disease.