The Importance Of Brushing Your Gums As Well As Your Teeth


When it comes to brushing your teeth every day, most people completely disregard their gums and ignore the area completely, however brushing your gums is just as important as your teeth. Your gums are the structure that allows your teeth to grow and persevere, so you need to keep them as clean and hygienic as possible, otherwise you’re increasing the risk of tooth loss or decay. Luckily, while you can invest in the best home teeth whitening kits to cover a more unhealthy mouth, there are ways to actually keep it in good condition, starting with the gums. Here’s what you need to know.

Gum Disease Is Easy To Develop

By neglecting your gums and leaving them out of your brushing routine, you’re at a much greater risk of developing gum disease, which becomes more difficult to treat the more you ignore the signs. Plaque is removable by brushing your teeth, however it can still build up towards the gum line, and becomes more difficult to eliminate as it hardens and forms tartar. Once it’s worked its way under your gums, serious diseases will begin to emerge, including a more advanced state of gum disease. As a result, you’ll need to visit a dental specialist, however it shouldn’t have to come to that.

Symptoms To Look Out For

Being knowledgeable about good oral health and spotting the symptoms of gum disease fast is the first step to ensuring that you keep your oral health in immaculate condition. Usually, gum disease has 3 stages: gingivitis, mild to moderate periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. Signs of this disease will only appear when the condition is advanced, which is why you need to visit the dentist regularly to ensure that no diseases are starting to develop. Symptoms of periodontitis include receding gums, loose or sensitive teeth, lasting bad breath and red, tender gums.

How To Brush Your Gums Probably

As a result, you’ll want to do all you can to ensure that you are taking good care of your gums, just as much as your teeth in fact. When it comes to brushing your gums, it’s no good using the same technique as you would with your teeth, as gum tissue is much more sensitive and thus will need a gentler approach to avoid bleeding. Usually, it’s worth investing in a brush with softer bristles specifically made for brushing gums. Then, use this brush in gentle, circular motions in order to clean gums and stimulate blood flow.

Flossing Techniques To Maintain Healthy Gums

Many people find flossing largely laborious, but there are so many problem areas in your mouth that brushing simply can’t reach, allowing plaque to continue building. As a result, you’ll want to start incorporating flossing into your oral hygiene routine. Once again, flossing requires a gentler approach to ensure the gums aren’t damaged, so take your time when flossing and always do so with a steady hand.

Brushing your gums certainly isn’t unheard of, however you’d be surprised at the amount of people who simply ignore the advice. To reduce the chances of developing gum disease in the future, always ensure you’re incorporating a brushing technique for your gums into your oral routine.