The Holistic Cat for Caring for Your Feline Pets

The Holistic Cat: A Complete Guide to Wellness for a Healthier, Happier Cat is a book clearly written from not just the mind of Jennifer Coscia it comes from the heart as well. The helpful cat lover’s book is published by North Atlantic Books.

In her obvious devotion to helping homeless cats and animals Coscia shares a wealth of knowledge about cats with readers who are interested in giving their beloved pets the best life possible.

The pet care industry is one that sees profits of more than $36 billion dollars annually. With so much money to be made there’s a lot of competition and knowing where and how to spend your money for the pet you love can be confusing.

Why Turn to Natural Pet Care?

Barb and Glenn's CatNot only is there an overflow of products to choose from many of these products and treatments for pets aren’t even good for your pet.

In this book Coscia explains in a straightforward and easy to understand language what the best choices for your cat really are.

Focusing on disease prevention rather than traditional veterinary treatment for problems once they arise is the crux of The Holistic Cat.

Coscia asserts that using holistic treatments can either accompany or replace traditionally accepted veterinary care. The cost of preventative care is also much less than veterinary care costs.

Covering a wide range of topics from nutrition, spaying, indoor or outdoor life to disease prevention, boarding your cat and more Coscia tells you all there is to know about how to give your cat a long, healthy, happy life.

The Author Talks the Talk and Walks it Too

Coscia should know what she’s talking about too.

With an extensive background as a nationally recognized nutritional consultant (specializing in disease prevention) as well as working for years as a partner with Petco to aid in the placement of homeless animals, and founding and running her own no kill animal shelter, The Animal Rescue and Adoption Agency, Inc. Coscia knows what she’s talking about.

A Book for Cat Lovers Old and New

The Holistic Cat BookcoverThe Holistic Cat is not just loaded with valuable information and facts that just might surprise you, it also has pictures of lovable cats and stories that are sure to touch your heart.

The love that Coscia has for cats (and all animals) as well as her extensive knowledge of simple ways to enhance their lives shines through in this book.

This is a great book for any cat lover to add to their library. Whether you’ve owned cats for years or are just considering a cat for a pet The Holistic Cat provides a wealth of information and insight into these unique creatures and how to best care for them. You learn the benefits of using natural and holistic methods along with natural cat remedies.