Uncover the Body’s Power to Heal: Review of The Healing Code Book

Manual for The Healing Code

In 2001, Dr. Alex Loyd discovered—and received scientific validity for—the physical activation of a body function that removes from the body the source of almost all disease and illness: stress.

Once the body is relieved of stress, the neuroimmune system is able to perform its healing job within the body.

Thousands of people have benefited from this breakthrough treatment outlined in The Healing Code (Intermedia Publishing Group). Written by Dr. Alex Loyd and co-authored by Ben Johnson, The Healing Code is a remarkable book detailing the formula that treats all illnesses, diseases, and dysfunctions.

Stress and Disease

It is an undisputed fact among many leading research institutes—including Stanford, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, and the Center for Disease Control—that stress is the leading source for up to 95% of all illness and disease.

In fact, the leading cause of death from around the globe is stress. The CDC also states that approximately 80% of the health care dollars spent each year go to treat stress-orientated illnesses.

Physiological stress causes most physical and nonphysical health problems. The authors of The Healing Code challenge us to examine each health problem we encounter, and ask what stress is causing this problem, and how can it be eliminated.

The Link Between Physiological Stress and General Well Being

Woman Feeling DepressedDr. Loyd’s wife suffered for twelve years with clinical depression. After struggling with traditional clinical medicines and treatments, Dr. Loyd sought out natural approaches to help his wife deal with her conditions.

What he finally discovered—after training in various holistic healing modalities, including acupuncture, chakra, and energy medicines—was the healing codes, a system that eliminates the body’s physiological stress.

Cellular Memories

Dr. Loyd refers to the healing codes outline in the manual as the most “powerful natural healing mechanism,” as the codes have assisted thousands of people achieve optimum health from dismal outlooks.

The healing codes work by learning how to remove the subconscious blocks that are deeply embedded into our minds. Scientists refer to these blocks as cellular memories. These subconscious blocks, or cellular memories, dramatically impede a person’s physiological processes, which in turn affects their overall health.

Scientific Confirmation of The Healing Code

Dr. Loyd tested the validity of his then theorized healing codes using pre and post heart rate variability tests. The tests measured stress in the autonomic nervous system. If the autonomic nervous system is not in balance, the body experiences physiological stress.

In 86% of the cases of Dr. Loyd’s testing with the heart rate variability, the autonomic nervous system was rebalanced within 20 minutes following the application of the healing code protocols.

Dr. Loyd helped his wife heal from her clinical depression using the healing codes specific to her symptoms. Her depression was gone after three weeks of treatment.

Healing the Self Using The Healing Codes

Cover for The Healing Code BookAchieving physiological balance is attainable using the prescribed healing code protocol as outlined in the book. Dr. Loyd also maintains that the same codes can help individuals achieve life success and overall fulfillment by helping to remove the subconscious barriers that prevent many people from achieving their goals.

The Healing Code has helped thousands of people help heal their loved ones, as well as heal themselves and reach their desired states of being, including good health, good mental balance, and a peaceful spiritual connection.



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