The Good Pregnancy Symptoms

Your body goes through an incredible transformation over the nine-month process of pregnancy. Growing a brand-new person takes lots of energy, and it often comes with all sorts of uncomfortable side effects. But what about the good pregnancy symptoms? There are quite a few – and they can add enjoyment to your pregnancy.

No More Morning Sickness

One of the best week 12 pregnancy symptoms is a reduction in morning sickness – many women have less vomiting and nausea around this time, accompanied by a healthy appetite for great food to help baby grow.

A Healthy Glow

It’s true that some of the skin changes that accompany pregnancy can be unpleasant, but just about everyone experiences the “pregnancy glow” at some point along the way. It’s caused by an increase in oil production plus an increase in circulation. Using oil-free skincare products will help maximize your glow and keep you looking your best.

Thicker Hair

Your hair is likely to look thicker during pregnancy –it’s probably growing a bit faster, plus it’s not falling out at its regular rate. Now is a great time to try out a new style!

Stronger Nails

Many women develop stronger fingernails during pregnancy, making those manicures look even better. Moisturizing your nails and cuticles will help you keep them looking their best.

Feeling Baby Kick and Tumble

Wow! It’s amazing what your body can do – and before your baby grows so large that those little movements turn into stronger kicks and punches, it can be quite a pleasure to feel your little one moving inside you.

It’s OK to Have the Munchies

Now that you’re supporting another life, your body needs extra resources – meaning it’s perfectly fine to feel like snacking and indulge your pregnancy cravings every now and then. Sure, most of your meals and snacks ought to be healthy, but a little chocolate, a few potato chips, or a big scoop of your favorite ice cream won’t do any harm.

Heightened Senses

While it’s true that bad odors are magnified during pregnancy, your favorite scents will smell even more appealing than they normally do. Colors might appear to be brighter, and your sense of touch might feel more intense.

You Can Nap, Guilt-Free

It’s normal to be completely exhausted during pregnancy. The good news is that there will be plenty of times when you’ll feel like napping, and when you’ll be able to catch a few winks without feeling like there are more important things to do.

You Feel Sexy

Believe it or not, your pregnant curves are probably very attractive to your partner. Your body is going through all sorts of changes “down there” – producing more natural lubrication, offering greater sensitivity, and often encouraging you to enjoy some one-on-one time. It’s usually fine to enjoy sex during pregnancy – check with your doctor if you’re at all worried.

You Get to Shop for Baby Items

Sure, shopping is not a physical “symptom” but it’s one of the things many women enjoy about pregnancy. You get the opportunity to dream about everything from what baby’s nursery will look like to which adorable outfits you’ll get to try on first.


Pregnancy Glow