The Dark Corners of One’s Mind: How to Tell If Someone Is Suffering from Mental Illness?

Mental health is a huge issue today because many people simply do not get the help they need. Those who suffer from severe mental illnesses and who do not get the help they need will often turn to addicting substances like alcohol or drugs to cope with their mental illness. To recover from either one, both will likely need to be treated at the same time. This will help them get what they need to feel better mentally and to be able to minimize the chance of relapsing with their addiction.

Mental Illness and Addictions are Often Linked

While those with a mental illness will not always turn to addicting substances and those who suffer from addictions do not always suffer from a mental illness, studies have shown that the two are often linked. According to, those who suffer from severe mental illnesses are more likely to abuse addictive substances. This can include anything from cigarettes to alcohol or drugs.

It is only recently that studies have been done to see the connection between severe mental illnesses and addiction. Now, studies have shown that those with severe mental illness are far more likely to drink alcohol excessively, smoke cigarettes, or regularly use other drugs. They also provide insight into how to effectively treat both issues.

Get Treatment for Both at the Same Time

Addiction and substance abuse are comorbid, meaning they interact together and one can exasperate the other. Those who need effective treatment will want to make sure they get help for both issues at one time. Since both issues can interact together, it can be difficult to get help for one issue without getting help for the other one. Yet, most people will still try to work on one issue without working on the other one.

Getting help for both issues can be done at the same time, provided the person seeks help from a professional who is experienced with their mental illnesses and addictions. They will want to seek professional help for both issues at the same time to make sure they can get as much help as possible and can work with the same provider so everything is coordinated to make sure they have the highest chance of recovery.

The Effectiveness of Treatments When Combined

Obtaining treatment for mental illnesses and addiction at the same time may seem like a lot to work on, but it’s often the best way for someone to get help. According to, current research shows that treating both issues at the same time is the most effective way to get help. It’s important for the person to work with a professional who can help them create a personalized treatment plan to make sure it’s going to be as effective as possible for them.

Those who are addicted to any substances and who suffer from a mental illness can get help for both of their issues today. This is generally seen to be far more effective now and can provide them the help they need to have the best chance of recovery.