The Cannabis Preacher – Sermon One: The Latest Financial Thriller Released on Amazon

Sabine Frisch recently released her latest novel, the exciting financial thriller, The Cannabis Preacher Sermon One, on Amazon. In light of the rapidly changing framework of cannabis legislation around the world, Frisch’s main character, Connor Beauregard, uses his charisma as he pushes to succeed as a legal drug dealer with his latest business startup.

Sabine Frisch’s fast-paced approach into the world of a man trying to face ever-growing challenges as he chases the huge financial rewards available from this new industry could easily be called the “Wolf of Weed Street.”

Taking the ideas that crowd her mind, Frisch wrote The Cannabis Preacher Sermon One about the new world of legal cannabis and the greed it arouses in Connor and, indeed, in the investing public. In her fast-paced novel, she reveals Connor’s hubris as he takes risks that may prove his undoing. In this nail-biting read, the main character faces two very different business partners constantly trying to thwart him from the risks.

Bringing a Cannabis Financial Thriller to Life

Judging by its reviews at Amazon, The Cannabis Preacher Sermon One is a well-received work of fiction based on an intriguing subject matter. In light of the inconsistent policies about cannabis across the world and within countries, even the U.S., there is no doubt that a for-profit landscape mixed with the unclear lines between legislation will bring confusion and financial greed.

Frisch introduces her intricate and complex characters quickly in the book. The author says, “From the first introduction with the main characters, anyone who has lost money investing in the stock market will likely start to feel they have met all these people before. I’ve tried to give an insider’s insight into how a great idea can go horribly wrong. Fraud, corrupt politicians, and smooth-talking promoters all lead to a wild ride.”

With over thirty years of first-hand experience as a venture capital insider in global projects involving beer, cannabis, and mining ventures, Frisch has first-hand insights into the world of starting and financing new ventures. In addition, she has played a significant role in senior administrative positions at two cannabis business startups.

Using her unique perspectives on the inner workings of these projects in this new industry, she intricately weaves the storyline of her financial thriller that continues to rake in excellent ratings on Goodreads.

About Sabine Frisch

Sabine Frisch remembers always having a vivid imagination that she loved to commit to paper, much to her parent’s dismay. Born and raised in a small German town, Frisch has lived in several countries across Europe, South East Asia, and Canada. However, she has enjoyed it all. Now, she loves the tranquility of reading and writing in her home overlooking Lake Ontario.

Her ability to express her experiences and their impressions into stories comes naturally, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t require discipline and perseverance when working on a book. Frisch wrote her first work of fiction at 14, which she kept hidden in a drawer for several years before a friend helped her publish and distribute it.

The characters that come alive in Frisch’s books have often been inside her for a long time. She also meets others as she gets on with her life and hobbies and never shies away from asking them a question to get some context. Initially known for her romantic stories, she has changed her angle in recent years and wrote an adventure crime, Shadow Dancer, before moving to write her financial thriller, The Cannabis Preacher Sermon One.

Sabine Frisch manages to change her genres and industries successfully. She has even written a number of books about the world of country music, which she is a fan of, and often references country songs in her works. The author garners most of her knowledge from her experiences, being an avid reader, and continued research. Sabine Frisch never stops listening to the voices that crowd her mind with ideas, and she has an endless curiosity to find a story behind every story.

However, being a fiction writer does not mean that Sabine’s life is ever dull; besides being a fan of country music and concerts, she enjoys drinking Bavarian beer or jumping out of an airplane – with a parachute, of course!

Through her website, Frisch makes it easy for anyone to order her books, read excerpts from upcoming books, play games, and look at pictures from concerts she has attended.