The Best Ways to Find Comfort During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant and finding it hard to sleep at night? Are you having trouble finding a comfortable position to rest in? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable for many people, but there are ways to find comfort. Whether it’s your feet, sleep, appetite, or back that’s giving you the most trouble, there is undoubtedly a solution that another expectant mother has experienced and discovered a particular trick or product that helps them. Pregnancy is tough, and it’s essential to seek advice from those who have gone through the same thing. This blog post will discuss the best ways to find comfort during pregnancy. We’ll also provide tips for improving your sleep quality during this time. Keep reading for more information!

Organic Sleep Aids 

First and foremost, lack of sleep is often the biggest complaint from those dealing with pregnancy. They’re dead tired but too uncomfortable and in pain to settle down and get some real rest. That’s what the creators of 8 Sheep Organics found was the case, which prompted them to concoct their sleepy body lotion, which is designed to help with back pain, hip pain and promote more restful sleep in general. This utterly organic solution has helped hundreds of people experiencing pregnancy find some much-needed rest during this challenging but rewarding time. 

Change Your Eating Routine 

Don’t worry; we aren’t about to suggest you eat less or diet during pregnancy. You’re eating for two, and you should make sure that you are keeping yourself and your baby nourished with everything it needs. The trouble is about half of the people who experience pregnancy also experience morning sickness. This can make it tough to get up in the morning and get a healthy breakfast. A helpful tip we found was to keep small amounts of crackers or dry cereal next to your bed so you can eat slowly before getting out of bed. Those experiencing pregnancy should also consider eating five or six smaller meals a day rather than fewer, bigger meals. You may find that one minute you’re feeling nauseous, and the next you could eat the biggest meal you’ve eaten in your life. This is why it is good to make sure you are nourishing yourself often so you can keep track of what you’re putting in your body. 

Compression Socks 

Another common pregnancy symptom is sore or swollen ankles, feet, and calf muscles. This can become incredibly painful and uncomfortable, but luckily there is a beautiful solution out there: compression socks! Compression socks are a special kind of sock that compresses the muscles in your feet and legs, relieving swelling and encouraging greater blood flow to the area. This can help with aches and pains you might feel in your legs and feet. There are tons of great models specifically designed for pregnancy, so make sure you search compression socks, so you’re prepared for those nasty aches and pains and have a solution on the ready. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 

This is probably the essential item on our list. Your body is working in overdrive and working for two people again. That means that your body is using a lot more water and will require more water intake to make sure you stay hydrated. Those experiencing pregnancy should drink around ten glasses of water a day and make sure to drink in between meals rather than with them. This can help you avoid getting uncomfortable heartburn after your meals, another common symptom with pregnancy. It’s also important to remember that caffeinated or sugary drinks will dehydrate you, so avoid those kinds of drinks while dealing with pregnancy. Instead, stick to water and other beverages that replenish your vitamins and electrolytes. 

Low Impact Exercise and Comfy Shoes 

Back pain and muscle aches are hugely common pregnancy symptoms, and there are many ways to combat them. Of course, not all work for everyone, but one thing that can help is engaging in daily exercise to make sure your back, hip, and leg muscles are stretching and getting worked out. This will help strengthen your muscles and ease some of the discomforts in the back and hips. Exercises considered safe while pregnant are walking, water aerobics, certain kinds of yoga, and stretching. These can help promote better posture and body mechanics, helping you deal with stress and symptoms before they get unbearable. Additionally, you should ensure you have an excellent set of comfortable and supportive shoes. This will help you support your back and body, and your baby grows. 

Listen to Your Body 

Your body is using an extra amount of energy with a baby growing inside, energy that we might not even know we’re using. That’s why it’s essential to listen to your body and always rest when you’re getting the message to do so. When you’re feeling tired, lay down and take a nap while ensuring your feet are elevated to reduce swelling. You may want to take on extra responsibilities or do extra work, but resist that urge whenever you can. Remember that your body is working double-time, so make sure you rest and listen to your body. 


As we’ve seen, there are plenty of ways to make pregnancy more comfortable. You can trust your body to tell you what it needs and when it needs it. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try some organic sleep lotion or if your feet are swollen, consider purchasing some compression socks. You can make the nine months a bit more bearable by taking these small steps. And if you’re reading this expecting a baby, congratulations on your upcoming arrival!