The Benefits of Lotion for Babies Before Bed

We are always on the lookout for baby hacks. And this one happens to be one of the best ones yet!

Did you know that applying body lotion before bed to your baby can help them actually go to sleep earlier?

Most parents likely have their bedtime routines, with the goal of keeping consistent, so that their baby can get a solid night’s sleep (and so can they). And with the right type of baby lotion, adding in a gentle massage before you lay them to sleep can really seal the deal on a great night’s sleep—along with so many more benefits as well.

But before we get into the benefits of lotion for babies before bed, how does this great parenting hack actually work? Well, studies are showing that when infused with the right fragrances, such as the NatrualSnooze or even lavender, the scents can calm a baby’s nervous system and put them right to sleep. In fact, some studies have even concluded that those who received a gentle massage with fragrances felt less anxious than those who had no fragrance lotions.

So with a clinically proven formula, lotion for babies before bed can really help them sleep. And that’s really just the beginning when it comes to the benefits.

Here are all the reasons why you should consider incorporating applying lotion to your baby right before bed.

1. They will sleep calmly, and soundly

We’ve already touched on this one before. But it is important enough to say again. Sleep is everything when it comes to developing babies and hard-working parents. So ensuring that your baby will fall to sleep without angst or stress is one of the greatest benefits of all. Especially because it will likely mean they will drift off faster, meaning you can slip under your own covers faster too. You will really enjoy the benefits of this the next morning, when everyone in your household is well-rested, rejuvenated, and feeling great after a quality night’s sleep.

2. They will have soft skin

Babies have naturally soft skin. But with the right type of baby lotion, their skin can be further enhanced and protected. Some of the best ingredients to look out for are lotions that use oats and shea butter so that even the most sensitive of skin will be soothed. Not only will your baby be slathered in comfort, but the natural ingredients in the lotion will help them feel great in their own skin too. As with any health product, just chat with your pediatrician to make sure that you are picking the right lotion for your baby.

3. They will feel zen

There is nothing worse than your baby crying. But what if we told you that a gentle massage using baby lotion could not only help calm them down but channel their inner zen too? We love it when babies are cool, calm, and enjoying life. And the soothing scents of the lotion will help them find their inner balance. Plus, the touch of their parents giving them a gentle massage will surely help them get rid of any tears or fears they may have previously had.

4. They will look forward to bedtime

Babies are creatures of habit and thrive when they know what is coming next. And we don’t blame them, as new things are thrown their way every single day. So the visual cue that a bedtime lotion routine can provide, along with the enhanced sense that they will shortly experience as soon as this part of the routine begins, will make them ready for bedtime. When the lotion comes out, they will know it is time to start winding down. And it will make your job as a parent easier too.

5. They will feel more bonded to you

As parents, there are many intimate experiences you can have with your baby. And applying soothing lotion to your baby is certainly one of them. When you think how connected you feel after a day at the spa, this little addition to the routine provides similar feelings for your baby. Plus, it will become a shared experience that keeps the two of you close every single day. And there is no greater joy than feeling bonded with your baby.

So what are you waiting for? One of the greatest parenting hacks now comes in the form of baby lotion. Not only will you and your baby sleep better as a result, but they will have soft skin, feel relaxed and get to be more bonded to you than ever before.