The Benefits of Hair Transplants

Whether you’ve lost all of your hair or it is just starting to thin, you’re facing a society that favors those who have hair. Hair transplants have a number of points in their favor. We’ll share the most common ones here, including a few ethical points in favor of them you may have never considered before.


It Looks Natural


The best hair transplant looks natural. It blends in with your own remaining hair or resembles a full head of natural hair. It won’t have the artificial look of a toupee, though bad hair transplants are so ugly that a good toupee looks better. For example, good hair transplants distribute hair across the scalp instead of resembling bushes planted in rows.


It Is Low Maintenance


Hair transplants are low maintenance after you’ve recovered from the procedure. This is very different from the need to constantly maintain comb-overs and dye-jobs or the reliance on medications to try to keep your remaining natural hair. Note that you may want to continue taking prescriptions if it will prevent the loss of your remaining hair if you don’t want to simply repeat the procedure as your natural head hair is lost.


You can have the procedure done that has the shortest recovery time, and you may be able to space out the procedures so that the after-care is minimal each time. This will depend on the type of hair you have, the quality of hair and your hair color.


After you have a hair transplant, you can return to normal activities in a few days. You shouldn’t brush or comb it for several weeks. Don’t wear hats or hoods until the doctor says this is acceptable. Then your new hair can be washed, brushed and styled like it always was. You’ll also be able to dye it if desired.


It Is an Option in Most Cases


Hair transplants are successful in a wide range of cases. For example, it is an option for women with thinning hair due to age and declining hormones just as it is for men. Hair transplants are a viable solution if you are balding slowly or lost your hair due to an injury, such as when someone literally pulled your hair out by the roots. However, transplants aren’t always an option. For example, someone who lost their hair due to chemotherapy will lose any transplanted hair, too. And they lack their own hair that is the best source of hair transplants. Hair transplants aren’t an option if you’re losing hair due to medication you’re taking, since that will harm the transplanted hair. Hair transplants may not do enough to cover up thick scars on the scalp. In every other case, hair transplants are an option regardless of your age, sex or health.


It Can Be Safer than Drug Treatment


Hair transplants are a good choice if you’re suffering side effects from drugs intended to retain your head hair; these side effects include dizziness, an irregular heart rate and circulatory problems. And these medications may interact with other medications you’re taking.