The Bach Remedies Workbook: A Study Course in the Bach Flower Remedies by Stefan Ball

Yellow Flowers

Stefan Ball has written an amazing paperback, The Bach Remedies Workbook, published by C.W. Daniel Company, Ltd.

It explains Bach Flower Therapies and offers a seven day approach to learning and using these therapies.

Anyone who would like to master the art of working with flower remedies will appreciate using this workbook as a guide.

Bach Flower Remedy Treatments

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies can be found in a Bach flower essence kit designed to treat spiritual and emotional health issues, as well as pain which traditional doctors can not explain and resolve.

Each of the remedies treats a different problem and is created from a blend of flower blossoms or a single flower species.

Yellow FlowersThe 172 pages of The Bach Remedies Workbook take you on a seven day journey, beginning by explaining what this therapy modality is and does, and providing information on which remedy addresses which problem.

At the end of each section is a quiz so you can be sure you are retaining the information. Each day’s work builds on the pervious day’s knowledge development. This seems to me to be a very good way to learn about any concept, by taking one bite at a time.

A Professional’s Guidebook

Many professional certified Bach Flower Therapists are raving about this book.

They say it is a truly fresh approach to learning this therapy which has been around since the 1930s. Ball really makes the therapies come alive and allows you to see how they can be useful in real life application.

The Bach Remedies Workbook is written so that it can be worked through much like a distance learning course. As with all distance learning, you must apply yourself in order to get the most out of the information.

The quizzes are, of course, only graded by you, but if you give yourself an honest assessment and review what you failed to soak in during the first read-through, each segment will add to your working knowledge of the Bach remedies and how they should be utilized.

Best Tool for Learning Bach Flower Remedies

Book Cover of The Bach Remedies WorkbookFor anyone interested in natural healing, Bach remedies, or anyone working in a related field, The Bach Remedies Workbook should not be missed.

It is being snatched up by practitioners of natural healing, but anyone can learn about Bach remedies using this simple, easy-to-read and to understand workbook.

Stefan Ball really did a wonderful service when he created the workbook, and those who follow its direction will increase their skill level.

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