The Advantages of Endosteal Implants

The endosteal implants are popular dental treatments offered for patients in search of changing their smile and appearance. The positive results are instantly and represent the main benefit for patients looking to increase their self-esteem.


What are the endosteal implants?

Among the solicited and preferred dental implants available for all patients, the endosteal implants represent the suitable treatments not only for the quality of the materials, but also for the implementation method which allow the patient to regain the proper functions of the denture and the mouth. The endosteal implant contains a screw, a small cylinder made of titanium or ceramics, and the support or the abutment as it is known, which will sustain the replacement tooth. The dental screw is implanted directly into the jawbone and as soon as the osteointegration takes place, the artificial tooth is placed on top. We mention that each type of dental implant, including the endosteal one, is offered as soon as a dental examination is made for the patient. Before receiving dental implants, several dental cleanings and tooth decay elimination are performed for each patient, if it is the case. Your dentist has the final verdict and can tell any patient whether he/she can receive dental implants or not.


Endosteal dental implants for a Hollywood smile


Dreaming of a perfect white smile and a clean denture? Endosteal implants may represent the proper solutions for those who want to fix the teeth and to regain the lost confidence. It is good to know that your dentist can also offer teeth whitening methods as soon as the endosteal implants are received. Professional dental cleanings and teeth whitening methods are suggested at any time for persons interested in a Hollywood smile or simply in a clean, white and perfect denture.


How to take care of the teeth when having dental implants


As it is known, the dental implants are durable and can last for a lifetime, due to the excellent materials used and if a proper oral care is adopted. Brushing and flossing the teeth are the same oral habits for which complete focus is necessary. Likewise, periodical dental visits are not only mandatory, but they represent the suitable method of knowing how the dental implants work and if improvements are necessary, depending on case to case.

As a short conclusion, the endosteal dental implants are the proper treatments addressed to individuals looking for an attractive look and healthy teeth.