The 7 best detox foods for losing weight

It can happen; most of your clothes might feel a bit tighter, if fit at all. Now, you could go on one of the different diets and exercise more intensively. Exercise will help you and if you cut your portions that will also help you to lose some weight. But knowing which foods to eat is also of vital importance.

1 Cabbage

Cabbage might not something you are craving right now, but it is very healthy. Just one cup of cooked red cabbage will contain 70 percent of your daily vitamin C content. Vitamin C is a significant nutrient for your liver’s natural detoxification pathways. The other grand thing about cabbage is that it is an incredible source of fiber. Just a cup of cabbage contains around four grams of fiber. That is about ten percent of your daily amount. So, roast it, or use it in your salad, but to eat it as part of your detox meal.

2 Lemon

A super way to boost your liver is to have some water with lemon in it in the morning. Just squeeze half a lemon into water that are at room temperature, while you still have an empty stomach. Also, you could add lemons to your salad dressing with olive or hemp seed oil, with some salt and pepper.

What you will also be gaining if you are using lemons are the enzymes that you liver needs for the detoxification process. In addition, lemons are a good source of vitamin C.

3 Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts might be the most liked vegetables, so if you do not like it you can skip this part, but if you are a fan, you are gaining so much from this vegetable. Brussels sprouts similar to cabbage are part of the cruciferous family of vegetables. Cruciferous veggies comprises something called dim, which has been shown to lessen the proliferation and migration of certain breast cancer cells. Why is this important for detox? Simply put, dim can assist to metabolize excess estrogen in the body and excess estrogen is a cause of excess weight. Therefore, roast your Brussels sprouts in some oil, salt and pepper and let them get a bit crispy. They taste so much better that way than boiled.

4 Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a good natural remedy for heartburn. But apple cider vinegar is also good at stimulating a sluggish digestive system. In terms of detox, as well as weight-loss, apple cider vinegar can aid manage blood sugar and insulin levels. One research study found that the acetic acid in vinegar helped to decrease belly fat and waist circumference. Therefore, add apple cider vinegar to your salad dressing.

5 Beets

Beets have a phytonutrient compound called betalain that have anti-inflammatory effect. More so, they can support the production of glutathione. This is a nutrient, which is significant for detoxification. In addition, beets are a good source of fiber. All fiber is good to help you to detox. This is since beets or fiber that is, can help our bodies to eliminate what it has detoxed in the liver.

6 Chia seeds

Other good source of fiber to help you detox is chia seeds. In addition, fiber is good to balance your hormones, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, and to reduce high cholesterol levels. Therefore, add chia seeds to your breakfast cereals or into your salads so you too can benefit of this powerful detoxing food.

7 Arugula

There is a rule – the more bitter something tastes, the better it is for your liver. In addition, arugula is absolutely a bitter green. In fact, if food is bitter then it can be an indication that enzymes are present. These enzymes can aid your liver perform its detoxification processes. In addition to that, they can also stimulate proper digestion.