The 4 Best Hangover Cures

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Having a drink is not the problem, but most of us have done it where we drank just too much our body can’t handle, then the next day we get hit by the side effects. From headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, a sensitivity to sounds or light, and being thirsty.

To overcome these side effects, many hangover cures range from pickle juice to rubbing a lemon in your armpits before you go drinking. But here are 4 hangover cures that really work.

1 Drink less alcohol

It seems logic, but the best way to prevent a hangover is to reduce your intake of alcohol. Nevertheless, you should also take into account your own factors, like your weight, your gender, when you ate last, as these will affect your tolerance to the alcohol. Then again, the type of drinks you are drinking should also not be ignored. That is since different sort of drinks have different alcohol parentage.

One study indicated that you would develop a hangover if your blood alcohol concentration reaches 0.11–0.12%. Then again, some people can develop a hangover after only 2 to 3 drinks. Plus, there are 23% luckily ones that are resistant to hangovers. For others, limiting their intake and drink in moderation, is the best cure for a hangover.

2 Do not drink drinks with congeners

Alcohol is the byproduct of an ethanol fermentation process where the sugars are converted into carbon dioxide and ethanol. However, during this process, small amounts of congeners are formed, which are a toxic chemical byproduct. Different sorts of alcoholic drinks will contain different amounts of congeners.

If you drink drinks that have high levels of congeners, it can increase your risk for a hangover and its severity. In addition, congeners can slow down your metabolism of alcohol and cause prolonged symptoms.

Drinks like gin, vodka, and rum are low in congeners, and vodka has almost nothing at all. But tequila, cognac and whiskey are high in congeners. Bourbon whiskey has the most amount of congeners. Whiskey can result in hangover symptoms such as a bad breath, dizziness, headache and nausea the following day, while drinking vodka did not. That means if you pick drinks that are low in congeners, you can reduce the occurrence and brutality of hangovers.

3 Eat a solid breakfast

It is well known that eating a heavy breakfast is one of the best remedies for a hangover. The reason is that a hearty breakfast can maintain your blood sugar levels. That said, low blood sugar levels are not the cause of a hangover they are associated with it. Meaning that low blood sugar levels can add to the hangover symptoms such as fatigue, weakness and nausea.

In addition, eating a heavy breakfast can provide minerals and vitamins that might have been depleted with excessive amount of alcohol consumption. Thereby it can help to reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

4 Get enough sleep

The problem with alcohol is that it can decrease your sleep quality and the duration of sleep. This is only true if you consume large amounts of alcohol as small amounts can lead to promotion of sleep.

Lack of sleep is not a cause of a hangover. What it can do is make your hangover worse and you will experience symptoms such as headaches, irritability, and fatigue, which will make your hangover symptoms worse. Have a good night’s rest, as this will allow your body to recover and make the hangover more bearable.

5 Drink water

The problem with alcohol is that it dehydrates the body. That is since alcohol has a diuretic effect on the body by increasing the production of urine on the body. That is why you lose so much water after drinking. But you could also vomit, and thus lose even more water. Therefore, you should top your water supplied up by drinking more water. This will also help to alleviate some of the symptoms of a hangover.

Ideally, drink a glass of water between each drink. This might not totally prevent dehydration but will help you drink a bit less.

The bottom line

These hangover cures work. Scientist has tested them. Less not ponder how the scientist test them, but let us just take heart that these are actually backed up by science, so they will work. From drinking less, to keeping hydrates, getting a good night’s sleep in, and eating a hearty breakfast the next morning. All of these are aimed that you can have less of the pain of a hangover and more of a good time when you do go out.